Saturday, October 20, 2007

Operation Busy Kelly

My chest is still hurting, a lot more than usual lately... I still can't tell if it's from my boobs or bras or if it's something internal --- I'm leaning towards internal. Like maybe heart yuckies, afterall I did have heart damaging Adriamycin and well, I wouldn't put it past me... I'll be sure to bring this up at my appointment on Thursday and for now I'll just deal because that's just how I roll...

I've been keeping super super busy these past few weeks, I'm impressed with my friends and family for the most part for participating in operation Busy Kelly...umm your thank you card is in the mail... eh okay, I lied, it's not, stamps are getting expensive :)

So as you saw, I got my hair all prettied on Tuesday, I'm glad I finally splurged and did it, it was well worth the cash to have shiny hair again! In fact, I've decided that if I have to color my hair every month for the rest of my life in order to have it be shiny and fabulous, well I'm okay with that as well!

Anywho, I tooled around on Wednesday and then I drove home to mom and dad's house to hang out with the pup and dad... Then on Thursday me and mom went to lunch with Maryanne and Anne Marie... want to laugh more, my mom is Anne (or Annie as I prefer) and I'm Kelly Anne, so really not only was it a cancer fighters lunch (except for mom everyone else had fought cancer recently) it was also an Anne bonanza, who knew! But lunch was great, it was good to see family I hadn't seen in a long time, and get a different, more adult perspective on what's going on in their cancer fighting lives. Plus just laugh at randomness... like the fact that one of them had the hots for some Red Sox dude that had testicular cancer, or umm is most likely missing a ball... followed by Annie (aka mom) chipping in "1 ball, 2 strikes!" yep, we're classy what can I say. Oh yeah, me and mom or maybe even just me (time will tell) are going to try to go to New York City around Christmas time on some bus trip, see some holiday sights and be festive... you know you like the sound of it... especially you Sandy!!! ha ha

Anywho, lunch was good, long and chatty but in a good way. Maryanne even gave me a big white patent leather bag filled with lots of fun free gifts she's received... yay! Thank you!! Plus the bag is huge, and I *might* have carried a ton of stuff in it including sneakers, love it! Oh and me and dad even watched the Red Sox play last night, and I'm typically not a sports watching gal, I'd rather play em than watch em, but I'm getting better at it...

As for today, I had to get up early to deal with the car insurance appraisal dude that had to check out the damage on my car at 7am this morning, and of course, you know that I typically go to bed around 2... so I was itchy anyway so I popped Benedryl and went to bed semi early. I was still tired after he left, afterall I even put real clothes on for him and ate breakfast, what a workout!!! So me and my stuffed Yak went back to bed until noon after he left. I headed back to my apartment around 3 this afternoon and it took about 3 hours to get home, lots of traffic and rain, sometimes I can get home in an hour and 45 minutes, so huge difference... but whatevs.

I hung out with Sarah tonight, she got to come see my apartment and then we headed out to dinner (which was delicious, and I'm still full and it's 2am) then we hit the mall to make people to her makeup and get her fun stuff. It was fun, until the glitter came out, then it was just messy!! She had gold glitter all over her face, it was hillarious. It kinda looked like she might have gotten a lap dance earlier in the night, and maybe tossed back a few cocktails, but not the case, more of just a case of the sillies... and it was pretty funny! Oh and we decided people thought we were dating and that I was the dude, since I'm the head makeup scammer... ha ha! She kept saying things like, "I'm sorry I don't go to the gym everyday like you do!!" ha ha... sooo not gay, but still hilllarious.

So now I'm just waiting for my laundry to dry, to become tired and then hit the hay so I can get together with Bekah and Michelle tomorrow afternoon and do Boston-y stuff. Cross your fingers the weather is good!



Veronica said...

Can't wait to see photos of you, Bekah and Michie storming Boston.......xx

BaldyLocks said...

Have fun!

Mary said...

What's that? A trip to NYC you say?
Let me know when you'll be in town and we'll get together!