Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Little R&R

It's Sunday, and I'm just laying around my apartment relaxing right now. I woke up fairly early this morning and even went to the gym -- which is actually the first time I had been to the gym since my whole relapse scare! I only went for 30 minutes, but I need to ease my way into it. I did break into a big sweat, and really that's all that matters! :) If I can get myself into the habit of going more often, it'll be great. I think part of it, is just anxiety...which is stupid and I know that, but sometimes I just feel weird going to the gym. I'm going to get a few little weights for my apartment as well, that way if I'm not feeling upto going, I can do some stuff here. Slowly but surely, I'll be wearing my old clothes again!

I got some apartment stuff on Friday which as lame as they are, I'm actually really excited about them. I bought myself this really heavy, cast iron pan that has these ridges in it like a grill, and hopefully it'll work that way. I was planning on using it tonight, but it seems that I'm going to Pat's tonight to have dinner with him and Janielle... so maybe tomorrow I can test it out :) I also got a few other apartment things, like a laundry hamper to keep me more organized, and ummm oh yeah, a bedskirt for my bed... and I think a few other things... kind of exciting miscellaneous stuff :)

As for work - the new business pitch went just okay, I think. But, I lucked out and didn't have to talk as much as planned, so yay! I had already put in 30 hours by Thursday... sooo I was really glad that on Friday, I literally did nothing for most of the day. I took a new girl out to lunch -- on the company of course -- and we went to the fanciest place I know of - The Westin in Waltham. Yummm! Then we had some wine tasting thing at work at 4, at first I just sat and watched because I don't love wine... but then I got bored, so I decided to participate... I think I only liked one wine, and I didn't even love it... apparently it's really lame to like white zinfandel, and pink champagne, ha ha! I did get a little buzz from my baby sips, so I hung out afterwards for about an hour, and then headed home. Then last night I went out to a nice Italian dinner in the North End of Boston with some girls from work, it was delicious!

So yeah, that's the latest and greatest with me. I'm heading to Longmeadow on Wednesday after work for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to a yummy home-cooked meal. And hopefully some apple pie :hint hint: mom :)

Okay, I hope you're all well.



Sanbandit said...

Mmmm hope you get the apple pie (hint hint kelly's mom haha) Hope you have a great thanksgiving! Oh yeah, misc home stuff, is always fun if it's stuff you want! Hope the grill pan works out for ya!

Veronica said...

Oh yeah - I LOVE apple pie (hint, hint Kelly's mom - for June!!!)..........glad you had a relaxing weekend - lots of eating out, can't be bad!!

Have another great week at work..........oh yeah, it's only a 3 day week, careful you'll soon be at my 2-day week standard!!.........Vx

Jon said...

Italian in the north end huh, where? Love the bakeries there. Everytime I am up there, I feel like a complete goomba.

I hope you are getting back into the "normal" swing of things and transitioning well. Still playing WII? You "Guitar Hero'ing" yet?