Saturday, December 15, 2007

I love you like threaded eyebrows and fancy hair

I'm having a love affair with a flat iron -- ha ha ha! Here are some pictures of my fancy new hair. Bear in mind, these are not glamour shots, and I took them before I went to bed at 2am last night. Honestly, I could have gone a little shorter, but I was scared, and I think we had a little bit of a miscommunication. I figure I'll probably be rocking the curly most of the time, so it will be much shorter. but I did finally order a fancy flat iron of my very own, and it should be arriving on Monday, yay!

I requested not to be Ellen DeGeneres short, ha! My hair is still super wispy, but it's on it's way to looking normal! I think my bangs ar finally mostly in!! Yay! I'll try and get dressed fancy style and take a picture at some point!

Okay, next we need to discuss threading... while I was waiting for my hair color to process, I decided that I should wax my upper lip -- I do it every few months, and no I don't have a black crazy stache or anything close, but I have random blonde hair that just annoys me - especially when you're trying on clothes in the mall under the terrible florescent lights - ugh. So anyway, I had some time to kill, and it was kinda like "make Kelly fancy day", so I went in to get my lip waxed, and I warned the lady that I have uuber sensitive skin and to be careful - then she suggested threading - which I've heard of, but never understood or experienced... so I thought sure, what the hell! And then, she was apparently bored, because she threaded my face -- I had a lot of random chemo peach fuzz on my face, and now, it's all gone! And it's amazing!! She totally hooked me up too - only charged me for the lip and did my brows and random peach fuzz all over- clearly, it was amazing. I think she's like a crack dealer - they give you a deal the first time, but then you're hooked, and you have to pay full price! Ha! So yeah, seriously, it's amazing. I might become her threading pimp, because I'm psyched! I should go try on some clothes at the mall now, ha ha! Just kidding - threading doesn't make you skinny too! She should really work on that!

Here's a YouTube video on what threading is like, click here. I'm having trouble embedding videos - mostly copying and pasting the code, anyone else ever have that problem?
We had a crazy snow storm on Thursday. Most people left work at noon, I wasn't in a rush, I figured A) I have 4 wheel drive on my car, B) if I'm going to be stuck in traffic, what difference does it make what time I leave, and C) I only live 10 miles from work.... so I left at 2:30, just because most people had already left - so I figured I might as well join the pack, besides, it was almost time for me to go home anyways :) Sooo I ended up being stuck for 2.5 hours on the highway - I was stuck in my works parking garage for a good 20 minutes, and then the back road to get to the highway was all backed up, so I assumed the highway was the best option.... but I think I was actually wrong. I got off an exit before the usual exit that I take, and no one was on the road!! Damn, ha ha! Oh well - I was still home by 5, which is really earlier than I had been getting home lately anyways. And I need to mention how happy I am that I park my car in a garage... so fabulou... anyways, after I got home, I made out some Christmas cards AND mailed them - which is pretty amazing, a lot of the time, I write them out, and never mail them - and then find them the next year! But not this year!! But if I don't have your address you're probably not getting a card, duh, it's not rocket science. So don't be all offended.

Anywho, that's all I got going on now. I'm planning on having a pretty low key weekend. I need to go check my mail, I hope my Netflix videos have come in! Fingers are crossed!



Mary said...

Hey Kelly-

I'm so jealous of your long hair. Mine still insists upon being too short and growing to slowly. Stupid rebellious hair.

I have one more week of work until Christmas vacation, which I'm going to back to Chicago next Friday for. What are you doing for break?

Yeah, that appointment was really frustrating. I have to see that doctor again this THusrday, so we'll see. If it happens again, I'll find a new doctor. I'm sick of that kind of crap. I figure I've been to enough doctors this year to not have to wait an hour and a half to see one.


BaldyLocks said...

I've heard of threading. They would have to spend ages on me. I'm like a yeti still because of my steroids.

Oh, well, at least you look super hot.