Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm an optimist with a pinch of cynicism and a dash of fuck you...

Apparently, everyone really loved that quote that I made up about myself from the last post, so I thought I would re-share it... I hope you re-enjoyed it!

I've been feeling pretty good since my last post - as most of you noticed. I've also kept really busy this weekend, which I'm currently having a love hate relationship with - because I really wanted sleep, lots of sleep, too! But, busy keeps me happy, and I'll take happy over sleep!

Let's see... on Friday after work, I braved the mall and tried to get some ideas on what to get my mom for Christmas, and what to get Pat - because, really, those are the only other peeps left on my list. I'm not going crazy with gifts this year, so if you're thinking, hmmm maybe me and Kelly are exchanging gifts, you're probably wrong :) But anywho, I actually picked up a few things I've been meaning to get for myself, afterall, I did get paid on Friday as well! And didn't get anything for my mom, but I did get something for my aunt, and got it super fancy wrapped as well! Then, after I got home from the mall, I had to bake 3 dozen cookies! I started baking around 11:30, and finished around 1ish... I made these peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses on top, and they actually came out super delicious! BUT, I soooo wanted them out of my apartment as soon as possible, I couldn't stand the smell of peanut butter by the time I was done making them all!

Saturday morning, I met Mandy (at a strip mall in Danvers, MA because she was dress shopping for her friends wedding) to drive to Kennebunk, Maine to go to Carolyn's Christmas Cookie Swap party - which was fun, and it was good to catch up with Mandy on the car ride because she's such a busy bee! She dropped me off at my car around 6ish, and I went to a little store and bought my dog a fabulous Christmas present - yes, he celebrates it too! It's a giant penguin, and he will LOVE it! I'll take a picture soonish and post it. And then I almost bought Pat this tic tac toe shot glass set because all of the shot glasses said either X or O, so they were XO shot glasses, and since we're lunatics and instead of saying Hi or Bye to each other, we usually say XO because, duh, it's funnier. Sooo I was walking around the store with this set, then I decided it was junk and would just sit in the corner somewhere, and that it's really the thought that counts, so I took a picture of it and sent it to him instead, ha ha! And then he called me a few minutes later, and we were actually right near each other, so I met him at his apartment and we went out to dinner, and then I went out and bought some beers for myself (hey, I've been really good!) and we hung out and watched some Saturday Night Live reruns and drank, and I made him have snugglypoos with me, duh. Then I stayed over, because I had some drinks... might as well not risk driving, especially when there's room for me!

Then today, I left around noon, and had to get home and shower and head to secret sneakertown, aka Bodega and unfortunately, even though I was ready to drop a few hundred dollars if necessary on some new fabulous sneakers, it didn't happen! It's super small, and nothing really appealed to me, so I wandered the store, which again, is really small, about the size of my living room -- maybe! So I kept wandering the store hoping I would find *something* but unfortunately, I gave up! But, I did check it off my to-do list. There's a few other sneaker stores I found online that I can out, maybe next weekend :) Anywho, I walked around Mass Ave a little, went to a few stores, and then hopped on the train and went to Fanueil Hall and walked around -- just in time for the snow to start!! It was super pretty with all of the stores and trees decorated for the holiday and then the snow, Yaaay! I bought myself some fancy black pear tea, which I'm really excited to have tomorrow morning! And finished my shopping for Wullie and Veronica's present from America! Or so I thought, my parents came up with one more thing for me to get them to send -- they also suggested I send them some fresh clams and seaweed from Block Island, along with some sand, all of which, I said NO! Afterall, it's just going to add to the terribly insane price to ship this stuff, and who needs rotten clams, ha ha!

So yeah, in a nutshell, that was my weekend. I'm exhausted. I just did some laundry and took a bath. I meant to watch some movies that I rented, but apparently, that's going to be tomorrow's project instead!

Oh and I've added a few new tunes on my play list, you likey? Any suggestions? I really liked the idea of Survivor, but it got really annoying, the song, not the idea of it... so I canned it. Sometimes when I'm at work, I actually listen to my play list on my computer! :)

Anywho, I hope you're all well. Thank you all for the nice comments and emails. I'm glad you're all still reading and that we haven't broken up quite yet. I'm trying to blog on a more regular basis... maybe I'll get up to 3 times a week, if yer lucky!!



Michelle said...

Hi, i totally love your taste in music! I love ALL of your song choices. Aqualung especially! Anyway, i'm Michelle, NYC...your weekend sounded great!! Stay healthy!

BaldyLocks said...

You did get to the sneaker store! Too bad you didn't find something you wanted.

Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, sounds like you are having a good time...I want a peanut butter cookie now!!, love your playlist...can you add David Gray-The Destroyer, it makes me think of chemo and overcoming horrible times, in fact I think of Chris and all the people we have 'met' this year. He is at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston tonight can you not go and see him for me!

judy tierney said...

That really does describe you well...glad you're feeling happier. Your weekend sounds wonderful. We were in our car driving 878 miles round trip to Rochester, NY to help Kevin move into his apartment. Stayed with your parents--and hugged Bailey for you.

On second thought, you could add that you also have a heaping tbs of heart...