Thursday, November 29, 2007

Did You Know That This Is My 204th Post!!??!

Crazy I know! Sorry I've been slacking and only posting once or twice a week. I constantly am thinking about things I should write, or that I need to write, or want to vent about - usually when I'm driving, which isn't conducive to blogging - surprising, I know! Maybe I should carry a tape recorder - but I don't think it would be the same as just dumping random thoughts down like I typically do - because there would be a whole lot more editing going on, and who needs edits in cancertown, duh! :)

So what's new with me? Not a whole lot. I'm getting a little more work to do these days and am trying to keep as busy as possible while I'm there... I should probably do some more reading. I think I'm going to sign up for a feed program of some sort - I think we typically use FeedBurner, but I dunno... I heard people love BlogLines.... so we'll see. Which leads me to my next random thought - my hits have substantially dropped lately - I basically know everyone that clicks on my pages, and it's mostly people I talk to on a regular basis - ya know, my parents, and some cancer pals, and a few friends once in a while... so here's the question - are more of you reading that I know of, and you're all high tech and using feeds to read my blog, so I don't actually get hits? OR have people just stopped reading because I don't have cancer anymore - which is me and my dad's theory, and most of my friends have said the same thing... SOOOO if you're reading this, leave me a comment on this post. Feeds or not, damnit! :) And if you don't know what all this feed jargon is, then you probably don't have them set up, so nevermind, but still leave me a comment!

Back to what's going on with me.... I had lunch today with Kari today, which was good, and hilllarious. We discussed lots of randomness, from PR to I sort of signed up to try this weekend. I got a sales email saying it was 88% off for 72 hours only. They clearly go after people when they're at their loneliest, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, thinking about the spinster life that lies ahead of them.... ha! Anywho, I don't love it so far... I tried it once before, and canceled it after a few months, and the same dudes that emailed me then, and that I said hey we're not compatible, I'm not interested, or whatever... apparently don't pay much attention, because they started emailing me again, and the funniest thing is, they have the same sad pictures up, or sketchy profile details, like I really like to watch Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies (BARF) and it blocks out their living situation because they clearly live in their parents basement playing Dungeons an Dragons until 4am every night... because they don't know it's night, duh, they're in the basement! Soo I'm going to stick with Match for a little while, it was only like $25 for 6 months, so whatever... afterall, I'm just ramping up for 2008... which is really going to be when things happen... hopefully.... and hmmm maybe someone reading this will think, oh I know the perfect single man for you, and no, he doesn't play D&D or live in his parents basement, and yes, he has two eyebrows and all his teeth (bonus!)... and if that's the case, send him my way! Afterall, I'm not in menopause anymore : )

I'm a optimist with a pinch of cynicism and a dash of fuck you :) So yeah, it's lame, and weird to admit that I signed up for Match, but some people have had luck - and it's worth a shot, right? Isn't admitting you have a problem half the battle? Ha... wait, that's AA

It was good to have PR talk with Kari, someone who knows the pre cancer Kelly - because I've forgotten so much. I've tried to describe my lack of memory as like I've been an alcoholic for 24 years, and now at 25, I've straightened up and have gotten sober, but only remember things from the past few months... I'm not an alcoholic, obviously, but that's the only way I can describe it. People will ask me about a movie and say did you see XYZ? And I did, so I say, yes, then they'll ask if I remember a specific part of the movie, but really, all I remember is that I saw the movie, but remember nothing at all about it! It's kind of eerie and scary. I hope things come back, otherwise, I'm going to have to go back to college or something! Seriously...

Anywho, other than that, not much is going on. I'm going to Maine on Saturday with Mandy to go to her pal Carolyn's Christmas cookie swap party - I'm making these (hopefully) delicious peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on top - it's a mix, but that's the closest to home made you'll get from me... and last year, I went but didn't bring any cookies, and now I'm stepping it up this year, so yay! :)

Other than that, I don't have much planned. I might go try and find this "secret" sneaker store in Boston on Sunday - it's apparently a Bodega on the front, but in the back is an old school sneaker bonanza - I saw a quick shot of it on TV the other night - and there were lots of old school, colorful Nike's there... so I think I might buy myself a fabulous Christmas present. Some women love fabulous heels and boots, which I own, but I don't love any like I love my sneakers -- I think I was a guy, or an emo/punk rock kid in a previous life... either way, I'm going to buy new sneakers - I don't care if I spend $200... okay, I care, but if I love them, I might pretend I won the lottery!

Oh and I almost forgot - I've been talking to a woman from the Boston Globe who is writing a book about cancer, and chemo brain, etc. Which is kind of cool knowing someone at a major paper writing a book about a topic so close to home to me these days --- but the even cooler thing about it is that she's been interviewing me as well! As of now, she's planning on having my story as a focus of one of her chapters, and we talked today so she could get some more nitty gritty details about my treatment, and of course, hear some randomness and cancer jokes from me.... kind of cool, right?

Anywho, that's all I've got. It's already 10pm, and I started this post around 5:45 tonight, and have gotten side tracked a bajillion times already! Time to close the computer!!



BaldyLocks said...

I'm here! And now I have a new favorite quote,

"I'm a optimist with a pinch of cynicism and a dash of fuck you :)"

Can I use that? Would I have to pay royalties?

You are bloggerama awesomeness. People are just out Christmas shopping.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm here ... and I agree, that's now my favorite quote, too!

Unknown said...

Hey... I am still reading and I think people must be shopping or something.

I know how you feel about the whole dating thing. It is disgusting. I went out last night by myself to bar thinking, hey this will be fun and I might meet someone cool. Instead it was couples all around me and I drank my beer alone.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit, I only kind of know what this feed bizniz is all about.

Hey, we must be on some sort of syncronized Get My Story Out There kick, cuz some guy at my city newspaper contacted me and wants to do an interview for a piece next week. Do you think if I tell him one of my goals is to "go on a honeymoon", I can get some good ol' public sympathy and travel agent freebies towards some Hawaii time? It's worth a shot in my book!

Take care,
I'm off to Ann Arbor for my CT scan. woo hoo

Unknown said...

I'm still reading! Sorry I haven't left too many comments lately. Sounds like your working on getting your life back to normal. I can't wait!!
Take care,

Dennis said...

Candace and I are still reading...Have fun in Maine this weekend. If you want to drive to Thomaston to bring us some cookies that would be good!

Sanbandit said...

204th blog wow thats a lot!
I'm here reading but i think you probably know that lol.
Love the "optimist" quote. Make it your headline on heehee. I did match, got me a couple guys, i threw them back after a while haha.
Yeah everyones just out shopppin no time left on the schedule. Wait till january :)~

Duane said...

Hey there Kelly,

Thanks so much for your very warm messages recently. You've been so thoughtful.

I tried a little over a year ago and had absolutely no luck, but like you said there are many who do. So, who knows? You may become a member of that esteemed group. When do though, you must give us all the details! ;) LOL

Is that Ellen Clegg at the Boston Globe whom you've been corresponding with? So glad to see that's working out! And a part in her book: exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

chemo brain! love it. Like when you are in mid sentence, staring at something that you see every day, like "tablecloth," or "trash can" and cant for the life of you remember what it is called? ok, well maybe that is just something else entirely :)

Still here, still reading, good luck at work!

ChemoPrincess said...

Hi Kelly,
I found your blog through Mary Jane. I just thought i would leave you a word of encouragement. My mom met her current husband through, they have been married for a year and half and she is more than happy. Good Luck to ya!

Veronica said...

Wow - your plea worked - EVERYONE is still reading your blog.......I am too, but you know that.......but it's good to see your LAZIER readers :0) taking time to leave a comment!!!!

I will definitely catch up with you soon - my life is so completely, nightmarishly hectic just now and now I have a working husband I have no-one to send out on errands - honestly, life's a bitch!! But after next week it should slow down a bit before the final pre-Christmas panic!!

Really enjoyed this latest random post ;0) Cheered me up no end. You're a star, KK, don't ever forget it.........jeez, people are even dedicating chapters to you in books - whatta gal!!

Love ya.........xx

Michelle said...

Hey, i'm reading...i'm the one who commented a while back about your music choices! Love it!! Your blog is cool too!! The quote is amazing...i may have to use it at some point!

Ann O said...

hey, just found your blog when I was doing a search related to Hodgkins for my husband. Knew that anyone whose blog was "chemopalooza" had to be fun! My husband was diagnosed with Hodgkins 1 A or B (never really determined) exactly one year before you. we should have had a party like you did.

I cracked up reading your self-description---could be describing me--although I think I have more than a pinch or dash of the cynicism and fuck you...

re: chemo brain-my husband had it real bad---he was really helped by a computer training program that was actually intended for older adults (like 50--ish--be careful, that's my category)with normal memory issues. However, the company has been doing research with it for people with chemobrain. I know the neuroscientist who started the company (Mike Merzenich) and he agreed that my husband should try it. It saved our sanity. So, if you are interested, it is called "Brain Fitness" from a company called Posit Science. If you want more info, you can contact me (

Also, as someone who didn't get married until MUCH later in life--enjoy the single life style and all that it offers. Marriage to the right person does have a lot to offer, but there is also a whole lot of good living as a single person.

Hope to keep checking your blog--Good health and happiness to you


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I am still reading but thinking of you more often than leaving you comments. I think with us it is the fact that Chris is back at work full time and I am back at work every day whereas earlier in the year when we were cheering each other on we logged onto the computer every day.

The dating thing.......I have told myself that if I could go back in time and I wanted a date I would definately get a house that needed work doing on it because the builders and work men I have had here to do jobs have been lovely some very dishy.

Even if you don't need any work doing get some quotes in.

Speed dating looks great fun and I would definately be up for that if I was single. Do you like the Graham Norton clip? Make me laugh!

Go to go, going to the Christingle xx followed by 2 kiddy parties....WOOPEEE!

bye for now


Anonymous said...

I'm still reading, too!

Our last phone conversation is still making me laugh... Skippy!

laulausmamma said...

Hi Kelly - I'm reading through all our HL forum friends's blogs tonight to catch up. Glad you are feeling good and keeping busy.


Nancy C said...

January 25, 2009 HI Kelly,
I am reading your blog. A good friend has just started chemo and I have been reading Hodgkin's blogs to better understand chemo for Hodgkin's and for young adults. Your blog is one of the best I've found. Some are very technical giving their counts and weight each chemo treatment. I have enjoyed reading about you and cheered when I read the post that said you were in remission! YAY! Thanks for blogging and all the best to you. NOw I have to keep on reading since I am still back in 2007.