Monday, November 26, 2007

How I Entertain Myself

Hi everyone. I'm feeling a little better since Saturday. Still not awesome, but I'm trying to just keep busy and stay organized. On Sunday, I set my alarm for 10:30, so that I didn't sleep all day, and got up and got ready, and then I decided I would go to the Museum of Science in Boston to see the CSI: The Experience exhibit... I figured, so what if I don't have anyone to go with me, it's a friggin' museum, people go by themselves all the time in the movies :) Besides, I had been waiting for a year to go with Pat, and we've just never gotten around to it, so I was sick of waiting... it was a good way to kill an afternoon, but surprisingly, the CSI exhibit wasn't as exciting as I had expected. . I felt like it should have been more organized, and there were too many people there, especially since you had to purchase tickets in advance... I kinda just wanted to be done with it once I got inside, it was kind of lame and I felt like a loser for being by myself, yet, I was proud of myself for going anyways! I think the next time I go there, I'm going to check out the Butterfly Garden and maybe bring my camera.
After the CSI exhibit, I had a few hours left to wander the museum, but I started to lose steam pretty quickly and got really tired. So I stayed until about 4:30, watched a lightening show, and then headed to catch the train home... then I did some errands, and went home to organize the junk that had been accumulating on my counter!
I also finally tested out my new pan that I bought before Thanksgiving. I made grilled chicken, and it came out just like it was on a grill outside!!! Yay! I'm so sad it's taken me so long to buy a fancy one like it. I put some pesto and tomatoes on it, and it was sooooo good! I'm hoping to start eating at home more often, which seems to be working. I even went to the gym after work today, and then cooked a healthy dinner! My back is killing me lately though. I really need to look into finding a chiropractor or something.... if anyone has an recommendations, lemme know!

Anywho, that's the latest and greatest with me. I was exhausted today, so I'm hoping I get a good night sleep tonight.



Anonymous said...

yay for going out to the museum!Bummer it was lame :( I do movies by myself :) Hope you had a nice turkey day with the family. I'm thankful for havin you as a friend too :O)

Veronica said...

Hey Kelly - proud of you for going to the museum by yourself. It's not that bad - the first time is the worst. I've only been to the cinema once by myself - I'd had a row with Wullie (in the early days) and was so mad I didn't want to be around anyone, but didn't want to go home to Wullie so I went to the cinema instead.....can't remember what I watched, I was fuming soooo much!!! Not sure why I had to share that, but there you go!!

Glad you enjoyed your 'fancy pan' - Wullie's always wanted one of those, but we've never gotten around to buying one yet, either!!

TAke care, Kelly...........xx