Saturday, December 22, 2007

My One Year Hodgeversary

Although I have been lonely off and on, especially this week, contrary to my current main song, I'm not lonely. Every time I hear that song, it oddly cheers me up - and honestly, I never hear it, so voila, enjoy!
Today was a pretty low key day... especially since it was my hodgeversary as Veronica said... and even weirder, I had a dermatologist appointment at NEMC, so I was actually there at basically the same time as I was last year.... and of course, after my appointment, I went to see my nurses to say hi and Merry Christmas, yada yada... freaky.

Dear cancer,

fuck you. youre not worth capitalization and proper punctuation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



Also tonight I saw PS I Love You with Mandy -- I had been talking about it for a few weeks. I tried to get Pat to go see it, mostly because I just liked the name and shock value of making him go, but he refused... he was wise. I'm a sucker for anything cute and chick-ish.... however, this movie was not my cup of tea. It was a very sad lamb movie... I thought it was about this widow finding herself after the death of her husband, but instead it was just about how hung up on him she was, and she didn't do a ton of living... soooo not my style. BUT it did make me want to go to Ireland and pick up some legit Irish men.... or maybe Wullie, could you please bring me some when you visit? That would be terrific, thanks in advance! No, but really, I want to go to Ireland. So far today I've added two trips to my list of places I would like to go soon -

1. Ireland.

2. Visit my friend Chris (aka Hippy or Hippo) outside San Francisco at his apparently fancy new apartment

3. of course it was already on my list -- visit Karen in Vegas.

4. England/Scotland cancer peeps style :)

As of right now, the most likely of the 4 is Vegas... and it will happen. I just need to do a little better at saving, Christmas time is a hard time to get back on my feet. So if you want to buy me a present, get me a JetBlue gift card or something... cash towards a trip.... or win the lottery and send me to all of my destinations, as well as maybe Hawaii and somewhere else fabulous and tropical... I'm open to suggestions, especially if it's YOUR lottery money.

At least before the movie I had a few drinks... I don't think it helped though, just made me a little antsy pantsy. Ahhh well!

I bought your Christmas presents and wrapped them and hid them under your tree....

What!?! You didn't find them!?! Damn that Santa!
Ha ha... I'm random, it's because I'm one sleepy girl.

Oh and while I was at the dermatologist I got her to put me on some lovely birth control for my crazy hormonal acne face -- sooo you know what else that means... no three headed chemo babies in my near future.... ha ha! I think you need to have sex to worry about that, nevermind, ha!

Mmmmkay! I'm done with you ... I feel like there were lots more things I wanted to write, but instead, just enjoy my music on my page... damnit, I do!!!



Duane said...

I love the term: "Hogeversary." That's just classic. :)

Happy Hogeversary, Kelly! You rock! Kelly: 1 Cancer: 0

Anonymous said...

"As of right now, the most likely of the 4 is Vegas..."