Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Ode To Morgan Holsinger

Well unfortunately the unfortunate has happened, Morgan has passed away. I kept dreading reading her blog updates this week because I had a feeling something awful might happen!

Although I am far from religious, I ask that all of you please say a prayer for her family and husband that are left to cope without her humor and pure amazingness. She put up a strong fight and will still be down in my book as the funniest cancer patient to ever grace my life. I really hope she got to see her ridiculous lamb pillow cases before her passing. I'm so mad at myself for taking as long as I did to send them.

Below is the last post on her site, posted from her husband Curt.

As some of you may already know, our Champ Fighter, Morgan, has gone Home. She is home with our Heavenly Daddy.
However, I want it to go on the record, she did not lose this fight against cancer! She chose to go home. She died with honor and dignity, keeping her chin up and she went down swinging!
This afternoon she told us (Bob, Darlene, and me) that she loved us all. And to give her love to her brother, Matt. Then she said, "I wanna go... I want to go home."
She took off her oxygen mask, pulled out a tube that was in her nose for meds, and... ...she went Home.
She tried to raise her hands, which were weighted down with tubes and wires, and said, "Take me home, God."
And God welcomed her home.
Some people may say that God needed another angel in Heaven, and that might be why He took her home. But I choose to believe different.
Angels are created beings who have no free will. We have the ability to make our own decisions, from "should I use this red crayon or this blue crayon," to "Where will I live?" Or "Do I believe in God?"
Morgan chose to Love God, despite the fact that He had allowed all of this to happen to her.
That's the thing with God, He chooses to limit His power when He chooses to love. He could have made us like angels, with built-in and programmed love for Him. But he knew that wouldn't be real love.
In a concentration camp, the guards have extreme power (in a human sense). They can make people do whatever they want under threat of starvation, or torture, or death. But what they cannot do is make people love them! Nor can God!! God knew that when He made us with our own mind and our own ability to choose.
Morgan chose to believe in and to love God. She lived her life to the fullest, bringing glory to God every day!
Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!
We will keep you posted on funeral arrangements.
Sad for myself, Glad for my wife,
- Curt


BaldyLocks said...

I'm so sorry for you Kelly. I left a couple of notes on her site, the day before and the day she passed.

Sometimes there are no words for loss.

I'm thinking about you and her family.

Duane said...

Hi Kelly,

I just read your wonderful message on Morgan's blog and had to tell you how beautifully fitting it was of you to share that charming YouTube video of her.

It's so sad that we've lost yet another lovely person to this disease.

Thinking of you, friend.

Candace Kuchinski said...

I have yet to leave a message on Morgan's site. I will, but I was at a loss for words at first. My condolences to you who knew her longer than I. I am far from religious too and just can't console myself with the knowledge she went "home to the Lord".

I don't know yet what day we'll be coming down to meet with Dana Farber, but I'll keep you posted. I should know tomorrow. Dennis and I would love to meet you in person if timing works out for all.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, thinking about you during this tme. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Kelly,
This is Morgan's Mum and I wanted to thank you for your awesome tribute to our brave girl.
She thought very highly of you and I knew when she was on your site because she would have the music blasting. :>) I am praying that you will conitune to give Hodgkin's Lymphoma a big kick in the butt for Morgan! She didn't get to open your gift, but know that Curt has put your pillow cases on their pillows- Morgan would definately want it that way! Big hugs from Morgan and Me Darlene cyr