Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Cancer Pals Need Support

This is already starting to be annoying week for my cancer pals

Morgan is in and out of the ICU and has been on a breathing machine and sedated. And damnit, if anyone can fight this, she can! I have already declared her the official funniest cancer patient ever - and of course one of the toughest! She has dealt with all of this crap (this being her second transplant in a year!) with laughter, intelligence, and grace. Soooo please keep the happy thoughts coming for her, and also if you get ambitious, please leave her a message on her blog.

Today, I finally sent her a hopefully amazing gift! Last week I bought her some lime green pillow cases, I really wanted yellow, but I couldn't find any :( Anywho, I got the pillow cases, and then bought some printable iron on paper, and voila! She now has some lamb pillow cases in the mail on their way to the hospital! I printed some lamb coloring pages, and I think they came out kinda good - and ironed them onto the pillow cases this morning. Mostly funny, yet functional! I hope they arrive soon and at least make her laugh!

Then there is Maria from work. She's currently fighting breast cancer and is on her second round of chemo, the tougher round. And if that isn't enough, she had a fire in her house and her and her family had to relocate to a townhouse for 4-6 months! I can't even imagine what she's going thru! So please also think happy thoughts for her.

And finally, there's Bekah. She recently found out that she has relapsed and is on her way to SCT (stem cell transplant) hell. Please check out her new blog and leave her some love and support!

Who's got time to worry about themselves when others are dealing with so much more! Puts things in perspective, eh?



spincrzy said...

Holy cow, Kelly! I will say a prayer for each one of them.

Veronica said...

The stinking no good hodge (SNGH) picks on some bloody amazing people - but it doesn't know how hard people will fight to get rid of it.

Morgan and Bekah (and your work colleague) are not ready to give in to cancer and with you rallying support for them, well, it can only do good.........just thought I'd say you're a wonderful friend - glad to know you Kel.........xx (ps I'm off to bed!!!!).........xx

Unknown said...

cancer is so scary I can't even imagine how it feels to go through all those tests, chemo, surgery, etc. I wish your cancer pals the best luck and I am rooting for them to win.


Duane said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for the updates on our friends. I'm going to visit their sites right now.

Much love,

BaldyLocks said...

The ups and downs of cancer are crazy. I'm thinking of them and sending them strength and good wishes.

BaldyLocks said...

The ups and downs of cancer are crazy. I'm thinking of them and sending them strength and good wishes.

BaldyLocks said...

I'm not sure how that posted twice? Anyway, I have to leave hugs for you too.


Anonymous said...

Maria, Morgan, Bekah-thinking of you all xx