Sunday, March 30, 2008

Date Update: Date #2

So I had another date last night with date guy #2, aka the cancer center dude. It was fun and I laughed a ton! He decided it was make fun of cancer patients (aka me) night from 10-12 last night, but it was hilllarious. We saw the movie 21 which was pretty good, but it was LONNNG and I started getting antsy at the end. It started at 7:30 and we didn't leave until a little before 10, too long for meeee! Then I took him to a little Italian place near the spa I usually go to. It was pretty good, we were totally keeping them open though, they turned off the open sign when our food came, ha ha. Oh well!

The best part of my date was that I had given him a project since he travels for work most of the week and stays in hotels... soooo I explained my shampoo problem and told him he needed to steal me fun stuff from the hotel, like shampoo and lotion, (even though I really don't like hotel shampoo, duh) and I even requested a postcard from New Jersey, which unfortunately was not found. BUT he did show up with a bag of hotel goods, and he even went to the Hotel Marlowe in Boston where some of his coworkers were staying and took their stuff too! Kinda like showing up with flowers, right?? ha ha

So the date wasn't awful, we'll probably hang out again, not sure when though. That's my story.



judy tierney said...

Hi Kel,

We just returned from a few days r & r off the island and I'm catchin' up.

Glad you had fun with computer guy 2-- it's time for you to have fun, lots of it.

See you on the Block,
"Auntie" Judy

Veronica said...

I say keep him!! He's fun, obviously likes you - hey he steals stuff for ya! and you can relax with him.........a good basis for a 'relationship' - but hey, what do I know - I married Wullie!!..........xx

laulausmamma said...

Sounds like you had a fun 2nd date Kelly. Glad you're meeting new guys...hope the 3rd date is even more fun. You'll get lots of stuff from the Hyatt when we all stay there ; }

Neha said...

I'm glad you guys hit it off - i want to heard 3rd date details!