Thursday, March 13, 2008

I heart Friday's...

Winter makes me boring. I'm so glad it's almost over. I really hoped you all enjoyed my OCD dude post, and YES he did email me this week thanking me for dinner and asking me out again... RIIIIGHT. Anyone that writes a novel to the unabomber is not for me!

I'm really excited that tomorrow is Friday. This week has kind of been dragging for me. It's tough when I'm really busy it feels like there is no end in sight, and then when I'm only normal, then the days drag too! I went in most days this week for 10am though, which is awesome! It's been tough because I haven't been able to stick to my hours, umm basically since I came back in November. I'm going to go back to work full-time really soon and will be meeting with HR tomorrow morning to discuss it. It's too tough money-wise to not be full time too, I get paid on the normal pay dates that work people do (15th and 30th), then at the end of the month my payroll has to get submitted to disability and then they need to mail me a check for the rest of the 20 hours that I didn't get paid for -- and that's the tough part, sometimes I don't get that check until a month and a half after the end of the month... I still haven't gotten February's pay yet, so that's another thing that's pushing me towards full time. I don't want to be bouncing checks or anything, and my rent is expensive I know, but I heart fancytown, so I'm not leaving. So that means I need to get full time status, and maybe work on getting a raise or something eventually... that would be helpful... I feel like I've really been pulling my weight lately, hopefully other people see it as well... but you never know... I also sometimes wonder if I should look for some sort of stupid part time job for weekends or something, extra cash, stuff to do, new people, etc... I dunno...

I'm rambling. But I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully my meeting tomorrow goes well. Hopefully I do something exciting this weekend too, but I'm not making any promises. I've got plans on Friday and Sunday, so good enough for me. I know I need to break out the green for Sunday and Monday as it's St Patrick's Day on Monday - the only time of year that my green sneakers make sense!!! :)

I hope you're all well. Oh and if you have any suggestions for our t-shirts for the Anti Hodge Bonanza in June, please let me know and I'll pass 'em along. Thus far I proposed, Anti Hodge Bonanza (no one seemed to like it) and I dodged the Hodge (but some peeps may still be fighting the hodge so we can't use that either) ... so that's all I got... suggestions are welcome :)



Veronica said...

Hey Kel - enjoy your weekend! Hope March 14th treated you well and earned you much respect with the males in your life......;0)

As for the t-shirts. I reckon it should be 'The Hodge-Podge Posse' in neon pink for the girlies and neon green for the dudes :0)..........if we have to be corny then we may as well go the whole hog!............xx

Unknown said...

Hey Kelly,
Sounds like you've been pretty busy lately. Sorry the dating thing isn't working out the way you would like it too. And I'm really sorry to hear your brother is such a jerk.
Did you every get any help from the Lymphoma Society? I applied for the co-payment assistance plan and got approved which is great but it's taking forever to get my reimbursement check. They said 10 - 20 days and its been over a month and a half now.
Anyway, I hope you have a nice weekend and I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while.

Anonymous said...

Sooo John and I recently bought t-shirts for an American Cancer Society fundraiser and mine has two baseballs (with arms and legs) on the chestal region and on the back it says "Save second base" and John's has a squirrell with acorns and it says "I love my nuts" and "get yours checked!"

Sooo... maybe you should have a mascot on your shirts like larry the lymph node of something. Haha...