Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Me + Sicky Doodles = Sad Lamb!

Sooo I'm home being loopy and fighting the never ending sickies going around my work... my cube neighbor has been hacking up a lung for the past few weeks, and this week there has been more coughing all over the office. Yuck. Hopefully I can just sleep it off and be feeling fabulous tomorrow... I went to work today but left at 4pm on the dot (yaay)! I put sweats on and made dinner --- which by the way was amazingly delicious... let me ramble and tell you what I did...

So I had left over plan pasta from last night, but didn't want heavy red sauce, and I'm having trouble finding one I like these days (I really love tomatoes!) soooo instead this is what I did...

In a medium fry pan I warmed up some oil and then added a chopped clove of garlic... I let it sit for a few minutes, then cut cherry tomatoes in half and added them to the pan... I added some salt and pepper, and kept stirring them... then I smooshed the tomatoes and made a paste-ish sauce which not only smelled amazing, but it was! Sooo anyways, I also cooked some fresh broccoli and added it to my plain pasta, and then added the tomato smoosh garlic goodness... and it was DELISH! And it was quick. I should have made chicken and added it to the mix, but still really good! Sometimes I amaze myself! :)

Hmmm what else is new? Well I went on another match.com date on Sunday... with the unabomber himself this time (I kid, I kid!)... this guy was more normal and at least could keep up with our conversation easily -- and was allowed to drink, and didn't kill people in his spare time, yada yada yada... I just don't know if we're going to get married... ha ha. We'll probably hang out again, but I'm not sure if it'll be a new friend or what... time will tell... I'm not sure if he's really my "type" but he's at least funny, speaking of funny...Funny thing about him... yeah he works for a software company that makes software for radiation oncologists! Ha! So we talked on IM before we met and he told me how there are so many cancer center shit holes in the United States... and I played along and said oh yeah? And he joked and he said, "Yeah if you ever get cancer I can tell you where NOT to go and where to go." So I played along and was said, "oh yeah? Tell me some of the good places?" And he mentioned NEMC and MGH, didn't mention Dana Farber, but whatevs, we know that's a good place. So then my response was, "Funny story.... I had cancer last year AND got treated at NEMC" ha ha! Awkward conversation out of the way :)
Umm work has been okay this week. I'm officially going full-time April 1st, it's just gotta happen (unfortunately)... because I end up doing the hours anyways, just not getting paid timely, soooo come April I'll be 8:30-5:30pm.... I'm going to have to start doing back roads to get to work then so it doesn't take me an hour in traffic. Bleh. But yeah this week has been okay thus far, I got my client to provide a quote in a story for the Boston Globe this morning, which was very nice to see. Makes me not feel like such a PR loser lately, whoop! Give me a few weeks, I'll sure I'll meet that funk again ....

Other than that, not much else is going on. I'm really loving a cd Wullie gave me a few weeks ago - it's 19 by Adele and it's just great. There are a few songs at the top of my playlist you should take a lil listen to them and maybe you'll like em.

Hope you're all doing fabulous, send some anti sicky vibes my way!



Candace Kuchinski said...

Hello Kelly!
It's been awhile since I checked in, but I am still lurking:) So sorry you are sick. I got a card pre-chemo of a dog catching a frisbee who accidentally ingests it. He's staring out at the reader with a frisbee in his mid-section and it reads, "This too shall pass". It's kinda become my mantra and I'm applying it to your cold in case you are wondering where this was going.

In the meantime, I have finished up all cancer treatments, had my port removed, and even stopped taking the stupid blood thinners. Hair is growing back fast! I can't believe it. I too will be keeping my blog despite the "end" because as we both know this is only a beginning to life after cancer which can't help but be different from life before it. This little aspect is so neglected and unsupported. So, I thank you for also continuing to post and share what life after cancer means for you.

Veronica said...

Hey - great you had another 'date' and he was 'NORMAL' (but we all know normal is over-rated, right?)........so long as you had fun, that's a good start ;0)
Keep us posted!!!!
Hope you're feeling better - oh, and is April 1st 'All Fools' Day' in America, too - just seems an unfortunate day to go back full time?? :0p ............Loves ya.........xx