Saturday, March 1, 2008

The wrong person got cancer...

This was a super long week for me. I was really stressful, honestly, Tuesday's are always the most awful days possible! There's never an end in sight on Tuesday... but eventually, then week continued, and I even was going in for 8 on Thursday and Friday, and those days weren't that awful. I even went out for drinks with people after work on Friday. Then I met Mandy for dinner... so really not an awful Friday. Then I drove to my parents house in the beginning of another big snowstorm! I had a dentist appointment this morning at 7am, and it had snowed since 10pm... thank god for 4 wheel drive! My dentist appointment went well, no teeth to watch for cavities, but I do need to stop clenching my teeth while I'm sleeping or

So anyways... then I'm here this afternoon, hanging out with my parents and my drug addict of a brother --- oh maybe I haven't mentioned that I even have a brother... it's because I literally hate him. He's been in and out of jail since he was like 15 and he's just an awful person. So he recently got out of jail for I have no idea, but something related to his addiction to crack and alcohol and stealing problem. So my parents, being the nice people that they are, give him a chance -- like they have always -- and he's only been out for a few weeks. He's already sneaking and stealing their alcohol -- which they don't even keep that much in the house anyways... my mom bought me a little nip of pear vodka for funnies, and he even stole that!!

Anyways... this afternoon was worse. I know they never tell me things about him because I hate him and will never trust him. He used to rob me when I was 13 and babysitting! So far this afternoon my mom realized he stole an expensive ring of hers that she's had forever... he pawned it or whatever to some most likely drug dealer, and now is supposedly getting it back as I type... ya know, with my parents money so my mom can get her dear ring back! So since he's been gone, my dad realized that his new digital camera and ipod are also missing.... seriously, don't you think the wrong family member got cancer!?
Let's hope my parents get thru this crap... I'm not sure if I should stay here tonight or run to my place...



Darcy Davidson said...

Hey Kelly,

The wrong person did get cancer indeed. I have found myself thinking "why didn't _______ get cancer instead of me...?" a lot lately. I work for a division of the state that reviews cases of children in foster care, and I see these cases of babies and children with HORRIBLE awful parents that didn't want them and I think - "why didn't that person get cancer?" or "why can they have all the kids they want (or don't want or love) and I can't have any babies???"

Since there's nothing we can do about it, I propose just making a list of the people that we encounter that should have gotten cancer instead of us. It'll be entertaining. Michael Vick, Dick Cheny, and a woman (who shall remain nameless or I'd lose my job) whose baby was taken away at birth because she didn't care enough not to use meth while pregnant are topping my list at the moment.

Wow...long comment :-) Blog blog blog. I love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, you are such a strong and beautiful girl, your parents must be very proud of you. people look to you for support and guidance in the most difficult of circumstances and you are always there, very honest and caring.

We always look at your blog and follow your blog, the ups and downs, always wanting the best for you. You have such a positive impact on peoples lives.

Your brother must feel shame or if he doesn't now maybe he will in the future sometime. His behaviour, lets face it is disgusting. I hope that he sorts himself out.

Stay strong Kelly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kels. I can't say anything nice about him right now, so I won't say anything at all.

I would go home if I were in your situation, but that is soley because I have no tolerance for that behavior. I hope he pulls his head out of his azz really soon. You and your parents certainly don't need to be dealing with his additional crap.

I love YOU, though, and we need to talk soon!

Love, t.o.g.

Steve said...

Kelly, if you stay, make sure you leave anything worthwhile at YOUR home! :-)

Duane said...

Ughh. As if there were enough things to worry about and then, this. Ughh.

Lisa said...


It was really great to see you and dad a few weeks ago. I had heard many "rumors" about Kev, but let them go in one ear and out the other. I knew that he certainly chose a different road than us. The good ones are always the ones to get the short end of the stick. We'd love to see everyone again, so please keep in touch and the next time you are back home and have some time, please call us. I think of you, mom & dad often.

Veronica said...

Nah - the right person got cancer - did you forget that only the beautiful, brave, amazing, talented (the list goes on) get cancer?? There's no way in hell that any self-respecting cancer would touch your brother!
Sorry - not a helpful post. It's hard for parents to turn their backs on their children, but siblings are choose your own path in life and it doesn't have to include him! Just make sure you're happy and continue doing what you're doing to make your parents happy and proud.........xx

Mary said...

That's a "game" I often play as well: why didn't _____get cancer instead of me?

There is no justice!