Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bring On The Spring...

So since my last post, my mom did get her ring back. However, my dad's stuff still hasn't returned. Have I mentioned that I hate my brother?? Well, I still do. He's destroyed my family, my parents aren't as happy as they used to be and it's all his fault. He's a toxic person. Someone needs to drive him to a farm and leave him there.

I did stay the night on Saturday, I didn't want to because I got in a fight with my dad -- but by the time I was ready to go, I was exhausted and I would have fallen asleep driving 2 hours home. Soooo, I stayed. My dog was actually waiting in my room to cheer my up - I wish there were more thoughtful people that acted like my dog ;)

Ahh it's another Tuesday, it feels like there is no end in sight to the week. I'm really looking forward to the weekend approaching. I don't have any plans right now, but either way, I don't care. I just want some relaxation. I've been popping the ativan the past couple nights because I can just feel my stress in my jaw... I just want to sleep for like 15 hours. Bleh.

I saw the movie Juno tonight. It was cute, but honestly, I didn't understand the hype. I think Ellen Page was really great in it - I think she acted like I would have had I gotten knocked up at 16.... well maybe with a little more ease. But still, she was funny. Oh yeah, and Jason Bateman is my boyfriend - ha ha.

Other than that, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow being Wednesday, the official middle of the week. I've got a dermatologist appointment on Friday for more shots to my scars... ugh. I hate them.

Anywho, thanks all for your support. I'm looking forward to spring, I need to get out of this winter funk.



judy tierney said...

Hi Kelly,

I've been busy with the paper and then Kevin(ours) came home with Christine for a few days. Actually, he came home with a toothache and we had to fly him off to a dentist the next day...anyway, all this to say I'm just catching up with your blogs, and can't believe Kevin(yours) already ripped your folks off. I'm bummed--we'll give them a call in the AM. It must be so hard for them, and for you. He's toxic. Just too weak to fight the addiction.
I agree....bring on the spring, kid.


BaldyLocks said...

I'm so sorry about your brother. I hope you week picks up now. It's nearly the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear what you brother did. Thats sucks. Glad your mom got her ring back and hope your dad gets his stuff back too. have fun with the shots into the scars!

Veronica said...

Hey - just to let you know, IT'S FRIDAY.......bring on the weekend!! While you, young thing, will while away the hours doing just what you want on your 2 days off, I will be having my life (both day and night) ruled by my children, in particular my youngest horrorbag, who I sincerely hope isn't showing early signs of becoming a delinquent like your brother :0{.......xx Enjoy your rest and relaxation this weekend..........xx

Duane said...

Here, here to getting out of this winter funk!!! :)