Thursday, April 3, 2008


It's Thursday, so I'm due for a post. It's been a busy week, especially as my first week being full time. I even worked late tonight until 6ish, which isn't really against the norm, but felt weird since I was still going strong since waking up at 7am. Today was one of my work pals birthdays, so I thought I might as well step it up and act as I would like people to do for me. So on the way into work I stopped and picked up a cute lil birthday cake and card for her, then we ordered takeout for lunch since she couldn't leave today. It was good times! And who doesn't like cake!? Ha!

Oh and last night we had a work bowling event. It was good, but I haven't bowled since cancer times, and I don't heart big ball bowling since I'm weak AND the balls make my fingers hurt... whatevs. But it was a good fun time for everyone. Here I stole this picture from work, shh don't tell :) I'm way in the back with the green ball, but you can't really see my face because I'm short, whoops! PS I also chose the heaviest ball just because it was green.. ooops. So this weekend I'm getting my taxes done. And umm.... I still haven't put together my tax information yet. I'm sooo not interested in doing it. I hate taxes, especially cancer ones that will fuuuuck me over! I should do them tonight, since I'm running out of time. Ugh.

I'm also getting my hair done tomorrow night, still trying to catch it up! And I'm also going out with Mandy, Jeff and Steve after my hair fun! Then I'll be driving home to meet with my tax dude, do a few lil errands, and then head back here to go out with a few girls from work to celebrate their birthdays.... unless I'm too pooped, then I'll just stay home. Ha ha!

So yeah, all in all, that's my week. I am excited about one thing about my work commute which can be BRUTAL! I finally learned some back roads and got to work today in about 20 minutes - which probably would have taken 45 if I took the highway! So that means I won't have to leave as early as I used to when I was originally working full time. So always a silver lining.

Oh and I got some good coverage for my client again this week... I'm getting good at being an ambulance chaser on the security news :) Yay!

Hope you're all doing fab!


Veronica said...

Sounds like this working full-time malarky is going OK?! You worked late, had a social night AND still had the energy to let us in on all the fun!

Hope you manage to enjoy the weekend despite your taxes.......thankfully we don't have to do anything like that over here, we're taxed at source unless you're self-employed which makes life much easier for disorganised people like me!!

I'm off to London with my mum on Monday for a trip to the theatre, an overnight stay and a trip on the London Eye (google it, if you're not sure!!) my weekend starts on Monday :p ..........xx

Neha said...

I know those fun people in the pic :-) I'm sure despite feeling a little weak you were still a bowling superstar... maybe we should try candlepin bowling that might be a bit easier (the balls are smaller). Congrats on finding the backroads!

BaldyLocks said...

I always choose the cute ball, too. I eventually learned to pick the light one instead.

I'm so glad you found a different route to work, now you won't have to get up as early.