Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cancer Hair No More!!!!!!!!!!

I got a haircut last night, and I'm pretty sure we've actually matched up all my regrowth to be funky layers instead! Yaaaaay! I haven't washed it myself yet, but hopefully tomorrow it will come out the same way! Much easier though, and I can have it straight if I want again! Yaaay!

I'm getting ready to go meet some of my work pals for a birthday bonanza celebration, so I thought I would take pictures to share my snazzy hair... maybe I should update my picture while I'm at it... ha ha




Mary said...

Ooh LaLA! Looking good Kelly!

Sorry I'm bad at keeping in touch too, but I know how good it feels to finally get your hair looking somewhat normal. When I got my port out yesterday, the nurse said, "at least you didn't lose your hair because of chemotherapy" and I was like "I did, this is it grown back" and he was like "ooooh" It was great.
Hope you're doing well.

Unknown said...

I LOVE IT KELLY!!! You're hair looks awesome!!
Have fun!

Lauren said...

Hi Kelly, I just stumbled on your blog tonight, but I haven't got a chance to read it through yet. It caught my attention because my husband just shaved his head tonight and was wondering how long it takes to grow back. He is on treatment #5 out of 12. We would love to hear from you. Lauren

Veronica said...

OUCH - you are just too HOT HOT HOT!!!...........xx

Sanbandit said...

Cute hair!

Anonymous said...

wow, nice blog, i enjoy staying :)

judy tierney said...

Super hairdo. Wow.

Duane said...

I love it!!!! You look great, Kelly. ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!! ;)

BaldyLocks said...

Hey gorgeous. You alway know how to wear the right colours to bring out your eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly Kane. You totally have your sassy pants on in the first pic! Love it.

P.S. I'm totally jazzed up for tonight!