Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Love You Like Batting Cages and Nice Weather



Veronica said...

I love Date Dude - I'm going to be sooooo upset if you ever dump him! Hope he likes your new hair - enjoy the party!!

And I have a vague idea, but please confirm.......what are batting cages?? I know, I'm an ignorant Brit - I bet Wullie knows but I'm not going to humiliate myself by asking HIM, who probably wouldn't tell me anyway - he's like that :0p........xx

Let us know how party goes with 'date dude' and tell him I love him (in a friend of a friend kind of way :0)......)

Loves and hugs.......xx

Skye said...

Hey babes, been a while since I talked with you!! Is "date guy" the one who told you about the "good" cancer places to go? Sounds like you two are having some fun together, which is what life is all about anyway!!! Text me sometime! I've got unlimited texts now and if you have gmail I can IM with you through my phone!!

Loves to you!!!!!!