Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update

This was a busy weekend, and I'm bummed that it's almost over and I feel like I still had a ton of stuff I wanted to do that I won't accomplish. Meh. Like I said, I did a lot though. I went out for drinks after work on Friday because a couple folks were leaving the agency, and I like free drinks :) After that I came back here for like 10 minutes and the left to go to Janielle's birthday bonanza.... go home, passed out, woke up nice and early Saturday morning (that's what happens when you only have 3 beers all nice) did some cleaning, then did some errands, bought my friend Kaileen some flowers to bring to her party, the day was amazing too -- it was about 70 degrees and bright and sunny! Then I met up with date dude, aka Matt... but I prefer to call him date dude ha ha, we went to the batting cages which was lots of fun... then we went to the Wrentham Outlets -- which I never go to because it's like 45 minutes away from me and can be a giant pain in the ass... but since he wanted to go and was driving, I said finnnne. We were planning on going real quick to return something... then we ended up staying there for like 4 or 5 hours.... and just kept looking for random bargains... he's actually a lil like a girl so he actually bought way more stuff than I did. I even made him go into this shampoo store, ya know, so I could get my fix and make sure there aren't any bargains I needed.. and I didn't purchase any shampoo, but guess what... he did!!! He also let me pick out new cologne for him, it was pretty exciting! I did actually make out pretty good at the Banana Republic outlet, I got like 5 shirts, and they're all almost the same but different colors, sooo don't be surprised if I wear one each day of the week like a loser. :) I also got some new sneakers at the Puma store.

Soooo anywho, all that planning and flower purchasing for Kaileen's party, and I didn't get home until like 10. Matt was going to come with me, but by the time we drove to the train, then took it to the stop closest to her, then cabbed it to her apt we would have only had like an hour to stay there because we would miss the train back... soooooo basically, it didn't happen and I'm a bad friend, sorry Kaileen! I was sooo exhausted and cranky by then so it woulda been a lot more work. Next time I'll be there.

Today was kinda a gloomy day. I did the usual laundry and cleaning stuff.... I even went out and got a manicure too. Nothing super exciting... but I've got to fold all my laundry and put it away, and that's the annoying part lately.

Anywho... that's my latest and greatest update. I got a new account at work the other day, so hopefully I'll be a little more busy soon. It goes in waves, which is good in the grand scheme, but if I'm slow and working full-time, the day just drags on forever.

Oh did I mention how much money I owe for my taxes?? Brace yourself... it's about three thousand dollars, yep that's a TON of money! I've been stressing about it for months, but now that it's happened, I'm like eh what can I do about it! I'm just throwing what I owe on a credit card and pretending it didn't happen. I can't let it upset me forever, it is what it is...

Anywho, I'm officially done. Hope you had a fab weekend.


BaldyLocks said...

I hope your week goes better. The batting cages sure sound like fun.

Veronica said...

Have I told you I love date dude?

He sounds better every time you write about him.......and you chose cologne for's getting serious :-0 !!

Glad you had a fun weekend - I might stay up late to chat tonight and get more of Kelly's fun-times!........xx

Kaileen Connelly said...

Hey! Thanks for the beautious flowers ... they look great in my house!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you've been doing pretty good. I can't believe that lady at your work...the cancer comment. What the hell, are people really that inconsiderate!!!