Friday, June 20, 2008

Date Guy's Demise

Sooo you're probably wondering hmmm what ever happened to Date Guy, the man that was never really known as anything else to my friends... well he's out of the picture. I realized not only was he lame on the passion department, but he also just got increasing lazy and moody, which eventually rubbed off on me as well. I don't deal well with people in bad moods, or people obsessed with their jobs yada yada. I need someone happy with life and willing to have fun. The last straw was that since he works in the cancer industry, he clearly understands how much of a big deal my PET scans are to me, and yet, when my scans happened, the day came and went and when we finally did talk, he just talked about himself! No asking how they went, no nothing! So alas, the downfall of Date Guy. I feel like typing it makes it much more official so that's part of my thought process for writing it... plus he doesn't read my blog, never even took to time to look... hence laziness.

Sooo this broad is back to the drawing board. I've since broken up with, I decided the only men that I find on there showing interest look like they live in their parents basements playing dungeons and dragons all day long... and umm no thanks creepers. PLUS the same guys over and over would "wink" at me, even though I had repeatedly told them I'm not interested ... so basically, it just got really creepy like they might be sitting out my window! Maybe I'll take another stab at it another day, but until then I'll be doing the dating thing old school style - aka I probably won't be meeting anyone, ha ha!

I'm really looking forward to the Anti Hodge Bonanza next weekend - I can't believe it's so close now! I'm also looking forward to my 2-week vacation !!! I'm in dire need of some R&R lately. I'm not getting quality sleep these days and am waking up exhausted. I'm hoping to get some good sleep this weekend, if only you could really catch up! Next week I should also be doing some personal training after work which will be good since I'm sooooo out of shape! I'm going to try and go to the gym at my apartment this weekend since I thought I'd be able to schedule trainer stuff this week but it didn't work out - lame!
Anywho, I thought I would share the latest and greatest going on with me. I'm open to Boston-y stuff to do with everyone if anyone has suggestions.



BaldyLocks said...

I wish I lived near you to go and work out with you. I keep meaning to go get my ass in gear but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Sorry about Date guy, but it's better to say goodbye than to keep it going.


Veronica said...

Yep - as much as I loved the idea of date-dude for you, he wasn't right so best to be rid asap - well done you!! I was always useless at the dumping :0p

I'm boring everyone over here with constantly saying 'this time next week, i'll be in Boston/eating lobster/on the duck tour.......' - also not sleeping because I actually am SO excited :0).....xx

Miss Melanoma said...

You go, girl. Way to kick Mr. Lame-o-in-the-passion-department to the curb. And thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I know I never comment, but I do still keep up with your world here.

Talk to you soon, and let us all know how the Anti-Hodge weekend goes!


Wullie said...

It's okay to admit it.
Date-guy is dumped because I'm arriving on Thursday. :-)

C u soon!