Saturday, June 7, 2008


This week I've been keeping super busy and got to hang out with Pat on an actual weekday because he was working normal hours on Thursday! We had a funtastic night of fun, including finally testing out the Mario Kart game that my mom bought us -- we even played against some of his work friends with the Wii via the Internet -- yep, that's right Wullster, we should play against each other sometime soon!!!!!!

So me and Pat were just catching up on the usual stuff, and then he starts telling me the most fucked up story I've heard in quite a while. He starts by just saying that it was about a guy he grew up with - and I kept saying "do I know him???" and he said no no blah blah blah, then he finally told me the guys name, who just happens to be a guy I grew up with and went to school with for years! I can't remember if we went to elementary school together, but we definitely went to middle school together... and I had a mini crush on him for like a day... sooo anywho, backstory over, now onto the most fucked up story I've heard in quite a while....

Soooo Pat tells me that this guy we both know named Matt White is dead. He's my age-ish, I think he stayed back a grade or something because he's (was) 27... How did this happen you ask? Well he went on a rampage, and in broad daylight at a restaurant in Florida, he dragged his exgirlfriend who was a waitress out of the restaurant she worked at and shot her several times, then had a high speed chase with the police, and then shot himself in the head and later died. Here's the original article that Pat and I found last night, it literally gave me chills and a few nightmares... the article includes a picture of him - most likely a previous arrest photo, but it has been burned into my brain and I can't rid it. This guy basically grew up like me, in a similar area of Springfield, and yet clearly led a totally different life at some point. His mom would even chaperon our school trips when we were younger! His poor mom. What an awful story... and I'm sorry I'm sharing it, but my theory is, if I write it, maybe it'll escape me.

Now that I've gotten this typed out, I'm going to stop writing, but I'll probably post more tomorrow or Sunday since I've been blog slacking.

PS, please make sure to think clean scan thoughts on Monday between 11 and 3pm as I have my 4-month scans - hence me being super busy this week/weekend :)

I hope you all don't have any nightmares like me...

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Veronica said...

Can't believe it's scan time again :0}........pom poms will be waving and we'll eat haggis in honour of you!!
Uuugh....that is some story. Try not to let it get to you any longer. Some people just go off the rails and there's just no reasons to explain why.
I'll try and give you a call tonight :0)........xx