Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pup Sitting

I've been in Longmeadow this weekend taking care of my pup while my parents are visiting my cousin Roland in Montreal. The poor pup has been stressed out with them not here, he just finally ate and drank and it's Sunday morning! Poor little lamb!

It probably didn't help that my brother kept being creepy and sitting in our driveway and stuff - he's not allowed here while I'm dog sitting, that was the deal -- and he knew weeks in advance! I wish he woud just take care of himself and leave me and my parents alone for a while. My poor mom gets the grunt of it having to deal with him constantly calling her and telling her lies. Ugh. My poor parents and their stress level. Like me having cancer last year wasn't enough - sheesh!

Speaking of cancer, my scans totally jumped up on me, they're next Monday June 9th. If/When those scans are clean, I move onto the 6 month plan! Yay! I'm again, starting to feel weird lumpy spots, but most likely it's just my mind playing tricks on me since it's scan time.

The anti hodge bonanza is getting very close! It's less than a month away now! It's getting really tough to coordinate it all when I'm super busy to begin with - I can't wait until everything is done and official. I haven't had time to call the duck tour folks with the new number of people - mostly, because I haven't had time to go thru the board and determine the official number of people.

I have a project for all my chemopalooza readers... in efforts to finally finish decorating my apartment (I know, I know!) I'm requesting that people send me any really cool pictures they may have - I'm looking for bright colors, flowers, skies, clouds, beach, etc... ya know happy stuff! You can send them to my gmail address which is kelly.kane -- seriously, I'm hoping ya'll have some thing for me to print out and hang on on of my barren walls :) I also need to go thru my own pictures and see what I can print, but still sometimes other people's stuff is cooler! So send along!!!

That's all for now, back to pup siting! :)



Anonymous said...

I might have some pics for you. I took a photog class in college and I think I have some nice pics of flowers and maybe some ocean scenes lying around. I'll see what I can find for you!

Btw, we went to the puppy store on Sunday and found the cutest American Bulldog! I really want to go back and get him... I named him Dudley.

Veronica said...

Hmmmm - do you want pictures of my girls?? That's seriously pretty much all we have! I'll trawl through some things though and see what we can come up with! more posts about dogs.....I've got a husband who's desperate to get another pooch but I'm resisting!

Stay strong girl......3 weeks and counting :0)..........xx

Candace Kuchinski said...

I'm pup sitting too! Oh, right, that's my job.

Thanks for organizing the Boston outing! You are doing a fantastic job. It's close now and I am so looking forward to it. You can count Dennis and I in on Duck Tours and dinner. I think I've already told you that a million times. Do you want us to send you money for the tour in advance? Just say the word.