Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day of fancy...:)

Ah the weekend is here - well actually it's almost over, but still ahhhh. This weekend entailed some fun cleaning - you know how it makes me sleep better :) I tore apart my bathroom and all of my shampoo which I filled a laundry basket with and did some fun cleaning.... I slept amazing! Then Saturday I had my day of fancy - manicure, pedicure, facial, eye brow waxing and then haircut and color -- no straight hair though because I ended up running late for my appointment because the other stuff ran behind... but it was so humid straight fancy hair probably wouldn't have lasted. Then I went to Michele and Stephen's housewarming party - it was soooo hot and humid out though! I was sweating like a whore (right, Ry Ry?) but it was a good time and good turn out at her party. Today I finished cleaning up my apartment and then did another interview for this girl Lily's college paper on women with cancer and now I'm here... being boring ;)

I survived my personal training session and actually wasn't that sore afterwards. The worst part was my arms surprisingly - mostly my right arm, I'm thinking that's probably my weak one since I'm a lefty and that's where I had my first hodge biopsy that went a rye. I have another training session tomorrow night and then on Wednesday. I am feeling a bit healthier already and have been trying to include more fruit and veggies into my diet. I lived on Kelly's Smelly Pasta last week, which isn't that bad for you - broccoli, tomatoes, pasta, olive oil... mmmm. I just need to try and incorporate a little gym cardio in between sessions and I'm be golden. Hopefully this week will be a little easier to fit stuff in.

Not much else excitement in my life lately. There are talks of me going to visit Ry Ry and Jenny in the Fall in lovely Kentucky.

Mmmkay, I ran out of stuff to write, must mean time to stop!


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Veronica said...

Hey glad you got your pampering session AND a sparkling clean appartment!! All clean and pretty - that's our Kelly :)
Hope this week is a good one........xx