Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I went to the gym tonight! I did personal training session number 2 of 5. The whole time I just wanted it all to end though. I don't know how people think that stuff is fun. I think I'm going to probably end up doing my own thing just doing cardio stuff once I'm thru with my sessions. I need to get this darn heart rate better - it still sky rockets when I do anything - and I also need to get these lungs working better as well. That's the goal, and maybe a little body shrinkage as well. But it's one day at a time.

Maybe I'll start sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons - I think I heard he's making a comeback :) Break out the leg warmers and sweat bands - it's party time!
Anywho, that's really all I've been up to. Work has been super busy since I've been back, I think it's part me just being a little slow motion from vacation, but definitely busy. I've even had to work from home for the past couple nights. I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend so I can get myself situated here AND I'm getting my hair cut and colored and a facial and pedicure... sooo basically a day of fancy since I didn't get to do anything nice while I was on vaca due to my lovely shingles - and hey it's cheaper to do it here anyways!
Hope you're all well.



Ryan Armbrust said...

Richard Simmons making a come back?
He NEVER went away! I love that guy. I actually dressed like him for Halloween a few years ago!

Veronica said...

Kel - your mission is to get Ryan to post pictures of himself as Richard Simmons (whoever he is?) Sounds like a must-see!!

Don't be too hard on yourself, missy.....stay focussed, find a form of exercise you're a sociable gal, why not find a team sport or a group activity which would be more fun than pounding a treadmill etc..
What about Salsa dancing - I can totally see you doing that!

Just my tuppence worth - i HATE exercise, can you tell??

Make sure and pamper yourself good and proper!


Anonymous said...

Training is not supposed to be fun...whatever made you think that? Stick with will do good.

Michelle said...

Hey, maybe try running? Yeah, i know your probably thinking...who is this chick telling me to run?? Just give it a try is all i say!

I just had a mani/pedi purple toes, yellow fingernails...YIKES!!!!