Friday, August 1, 2008

Young Professional My Ass

Soooo I went on a young professionals networking boat cruise of Boston Harbor -- for those of you that went to Anthony's On Pier 4, I now know what that loud boat filled with people was! It was ridiculously terrible. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay too old to do things like that, and ummm it sooo wasn't for young professionals... more like ladies of the night, and umm 21 at best. I brought a bunch of business cards and everything and tried to be optimistic, until we got there and were handed glow sticks and mardi gras beads - big red flag! THEN Nicole and I decided it was time to count how many old dirty men were on the cruise - which means they were clearly NOT young professionals! We got to about 78 people, mostly men, but threw in a few women that had their boobs at their ankles for good measure.

Oh AND I saw a girl projectile vomit all over a bench... yumm.

Note to self: never go on a boat cruise again because you can't leave until it docks 3 hours later.



Veronica said...

Nothing wrong with boobs at your ankles.......:0P

Life is for experiencing - that's another bit of life experienced :)

Glad you're getting out there and having fun!..........Vx

Miss Melanoma said...

Eww. I hate it when that happens. My friend and I ended up at a club one time on a "18 and over" night. NEVER again. 33 is not old, but when you're 18 and your shirt is the size of my sock, you don't necessarily understand that. But whatever, at least I didn't have to watch projectile vomiting.
:) But seeing that may have actually been more fun!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the part where 3 different people sat in the vomit! HA!