Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Need Your Ideas

I've decided I need to add some passion to my life so I'm brainstorming ideas. It needs to be something fun, something random, and something interactive and that will add some value to my life.

Thus far, I've only come up with either an Improv class in Boston or some sort of photography class. I'm thinking I might even be able to get my work to pay for my improv class since it would add value to my presentation skills....

Does anyone have any other good ideas for me? Come on, get creative! Ry Ry and V, that means you too!



Veronica said...

Wullie is suggesting Pole Dancing - and before you shoot it down in flames as a ridiculous suggestion, it's getting quite big over here. It's fun - most definitely random - it's exercise and you'll meet people who are up for a 'good time' :)

The Improv sounds fun.......what about an amateur dramatics group? Volunteering? But Wullie's suggestion sounds more fun!!!!!...........Vx

Ryan Armbrust said...

You know what I hate more than cancer?

I can teach you photography as well as pole dancing!