Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I'll go see my PCP and discuss the results of my tests from last Wednesday. I already know that my lungs are good because the technician told me I was doing 95% or so, which is obviously good. AND she didn't yell at me at all, which makes me think I was really getting yelled at for doing it wrong because I had damage before and they didn't believe me because I looked otherwise healthy, except for the thinning hair.

Also, a slight sidebar, but the woman that did my EKG (which I hate because they hurt so bad!) was a god 300lbs, and she asked me why I was there and if I had any shortness of breath, I told her yes. She followed my response by saying that she did too, and that she had done so many tests to get to the bottom of it but couldn't figure out why, ahem! I had to bite my tongue to not tell her the obvious reason why :)

So anywho, I'm sure she enjoyed the boob show and hopefully the heart tests will come back one way or another - I just want an answer more than anything. When I work out my heart rate gets into the 180s and apparently that's not good at all... so Monday.

I've also been working super part-time at the Spa I go to all the time -- just covering the desk once in a while, earning Spa dollars :) I figured I might as well since I like it so much and I'm always there anyways! I just got a facial this afternoon and my skin looks super amazing right now and I'm ready for a nap -- and it was $30 cheaper thanks to my new gig!

Anywho, that's all I got for now. I can't wait for it to stop raining, it's been yucky ALL weekend! It's super humid nasty and I just want normal fall weather!



Veronica said...

Congratulations on holding back with the 300lb-er!! I'm proud of you Kel :p

Hope your tests come back's to being out of shape ;0).......Vx

laulausmamma said...

Hope you get nothing but good news at the Doc's tomorrow Kelly - and some answers to your shortness of breath issues. Cool idea about working at the spa for credit - didn't know you could do something like that. Lauren had her first back massage today (a short freebee) - she loved it! I'll suggest she should look for a "job" at one of the numerous spas in our valley...especially if there's "perks" to the job. She works at Victoria's Secret and gets free panties and makeup once in a while - makes it worth the hours there!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, long time no comment from me... Say a prayer for my fellow survivor buddy Jarrod who just was re-diagnosed with the Hodge 2 years out. Treatments start on Tuesday for him. not good.