Friday, October 31, 2008

My Plan of Action

I'm slowly getting settled in this unemployment crisis of mine. I have a little bit more hope and am in the process of jazzing up my resume and doing a lil networking. My weekend will consist of writing some fun-filled and thoughtful cover letters. I think I might have found a few solid opportunities... hopefully I'm right. Ideally in the end, I'll find a position that will make me a bit happier too!

It's also funny because the few people I talked to about my layoff have been really supportive. Nicole, obviously, went above and beyond to entertain me on Tuesday which included showing up to my apartment with junk food and a case of beer, because she "didn't know how much I needed to drink," ha ha. Even more surprising was the fact that I've been talking to Date Guy (just as "friend guy" now) and he even called to check up on me and give me a pep talk... random, but very appreciated.
Well I'm off to get ready for my Improv class now and I might even go to a Halloween party afterwards, and umm I kinda hate Halloween parties, mostly because I never want to spend money on a costume and suck at coming up with ideas. Last night, I did some Googling, and decided to just dress up, and take toilet paper and make a sash and write something, like Miss America or Miss Mexico or something random... It's totally lame, but I couldn't come up with anything else... anyone else have ideas for me?


Veronica said...

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween party - I think your idea was a good one - hope there are photos!!

Glad you're seeing this lay off as a positive thing - hard to do, but it'll help!

Onwards and upwards, girly!.......Vx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are being positive. If you feel so inclined, you could give my friend Karen a call to ask about the job market at Boston Children's.
Email me if you want her email or her phone number.

Auntie Judy

Anonymous said...

XO!! :)