Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bring On Level 2

I just signed up for level 2 of my Improv class this afternoon! I'm super excited! I already know that one of my level 1 pals will be in the class with me, so I'm content. I am however, bummed that my current teacher won't be teaching it, but fingers are crossed for someone super hilarious like him.

I'm heading to Kentucky this weekend for Hodge-a-palooza 2. I leave first thing Friday morning and will be there around lunch time. I can't wait! I know Ry Ry has some tricks up his sleeve as well.... and I need to bring my flat iron to straighten his beard (yep, he promised I could months ago!). He did say that it might snow which will be super lame, but we'll suck it up.

Not a ton to report today. I'll post more soon!



Veronica said...

2 days and counting to Louisville - so excited for you and can't wait for the photos :)


Kairol Rosenthal said...

I performed physical theater improvisation for five years before I was diagnosed. I pulled a muscle in my neck during a rehearsal and that is when they found the my tumor. Ah, improv saved my life.

I miss improv something fierce but had to fess up to myself this year that I can no longer balance cancer, performance, and writing a book. I wish I could have given cancer the boot, but alas, performance was the one to go... at least for now.

Enjoy your class!