Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comfort in the Past

I know people say you're supposed to live in the present but I often find such strong comfort in the past. I went to my friend Paul's wedding this weekend, we went to high school together and the wedding was a mini high school reunion which should make most people freak out a bit -- and okay, okay, I did a little but mostly I was completely at ease. It's weird and comforting to see people that knew me when I didn't have a care in the world, and when I was umm skinny and hot (ha ha) and when you have small talk it's not all superficial stuff about jobs and being all important. We all just kinda picked up where we left off -- or at least I did. I doubt if I grew up somewhere fancy that it would be the same situation, but being surrounded by normal, average people that didn't grow up with money or anything was very, well comforting.

Oh and bad news. The green dress didn't arrive in time. But I got it a few days later and it's beautiful... so it's still a keeper! I also got the new Wii Active game and tried it out for the first time yesterday and my entire body is sore, so that's a bonus :)

All for now!



Veronica said...

Green dress or not, I saw the photos on Facebook and you looked gorgeous :)
There will be another occasion to wear green.
Glad you had a great time - I'll have to look into the Wii Active since I've lost all motivation for Wii Fit - is it better than Wii Fit?

Stay happy, lady........Vx

laulausmamma said...

Got to check yr FB for those
pics ; ) Glad you had a good time visiting with your HS friends. Hope there's a wonderful occasion soon to wear your new green dress. ((HUGS))