Saturday, June 27, 2009

Job Hunt Looking Up

I've been having more success lately on the job hunt, hooray! No job yet, but I've had two interviews this month and I have an in-person interview at Dana Farber on Monday! Yes, Dana Farber. It's the first time they've actually responded to any of my 30+ resume submissions, so I'm pretty excited at the possibility to get my foot in the door. Hopefully my volunteer work will give me some good karma for it :)

After my interview on Monday I'm heading to Block Island for a few weeks with my family. I'm hoping the weather finally starts to warm up here and it stops raining so I can go to the beach!

I got blood work done last week to make sure I didn't have mono or anything since I've been so run down. All the results came back clean except for the fact that I'm low in vitamin D -- thanks Mother Nature! I'm hoping a visit to the beach and quality time with my dog will re-energize me a bit.

Anywho, that's the latest and greatest! Please think happy thoughts on Monday that I'll like them and they'll like me!



Heather said...

good luck! i so hope you get to be a part of dana farber-i know it would mean so much to you and that you would be helping so many.

and wishing you a lovely vacay...

Veronica said...

Oooooh - an interview at DF!! Will be crossing everything for you, KK - I know they'll LOVE you, just hope you love them right back!!

We'll be away on 'vaca' too from Wed for 2 weeks, but will def give you a call when we get back - have fun 'Kelly on the Block'........<3

laulausmamma said...

GOOD LUCK with the interview at DF glad it's finally happening there for you. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow while waving the pom poms and crossing everything that's crossable. Hope it goes in your favor. ((HUGS))

Nic N said...

Good luck! And have fun on your vacation...nothing like a little fun in the sun to recharge.

It would be totally awesome if you got the job at DF.

B. said...

Sending you love and luck today!
Everything's crosssed,

<3 B