Monday, June 15, 2009

Deadline Approaching - LLS Financial Aid

The deadline to apply for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's financial aid is Tuesday, June 30th. If you're going thru treatment for a blood cancer or did this year, or had up to $500 of cancer-related costs (co-pays, prescriptions, etc.) you should definitely apply for this ASAP. To fill out the form, click here. They also have a Co-Pay Assistance Program which you can read about here (warning, it's a bit more confusing). I highly recommend calling LLS (800) 955-4572 with any questions you might have, since it can be overwhelming, and because the deadline is only 2 weeks away.

Here's the kicker about the financial aid program that I learned about today, it's been $500 for a few years but due to the economy the reimbursement is being cut down to $150 for next year (their fiscal year starts July 1, 2009). My suggestion to you folks is to submit for both years, if possible. Get all your paperwork in for the June 30 deadline for the $500 reimbursement, and then get started on filling out the paperwork for the 'new fiscal year' shortly after to guarantee you get the $150 incase they run out.
I hope you all find this info helpful, I know I did when I was going thru treatment. Every little bit helps folks!



Veronica said...

Good call, Kel Kel - hope this helps somebody.......Vx

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Congratulations! I noticed that your blog was listed in Top 50 Cancer Sites & Resources by a site Asbestos News, as was my blog Being Cancer and others I am sure you are familiar with. I noticed the site as a referrer on my statistics page so I checked it out. It’s a tribute to our cancer community - keep up the good work.
Take care, Dennis

Anonymous said...

sweet! wonder if we'll qualify for any $$$. sure hope so!

Dana Hawn said...

This is exactly when payments should not be cut. This is a time when payments should be increased. Geesh! Cut backs, what a nice way to label abandonment of diseased victims in their time of need!