Sunday, September 20, 2009

Job Interview Update

Many of you have been asking about my job interview and if I found out if I got the job. Unfortunately, I found out on Friday evening that I didn't get it. I made it to the final round, it was just me and one or two other people, but I didn't make the cut.

I'm trying to stay optimistic about this job hunt business but it's stressful. Just when I think the hunt is over, it starts back to round 1. So I'm moving on and continuing to pursue other opportunities. It's just disappointing that the things I'm passionate about aren't necessarily hiring. I'm also considering going back to school. I might look and see what kind of financial aid and scholarships I can get too. Of course, all this thinking comes at a time when my parents are retiring and working on selling their house and moving to Block Island so it might rule out a free place to live. Time will tell.

Sorry I don't have super exciting job hunt news folks. Hopefully tomorrow I'll post that I'm still Hodge free.



Veronica said...

Don't lose heart kiddo - just means you haven't found the right job's there, waiting for you......<3

Will be thinking of you tomorrow - everything crossed........Vx

Kate Burton said...

Hang in there, the job market is absolutely brutal. We had one position open and got 126 applicants. We required a bachelor's and got 18 master's degrees and 3 PhD's. The right match will come I guarantee it, but it may take a while longer than usual.

Jen Hill said...

Best wishes Kelly! You deserve a fabulous job that you honestly love.