Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and Octo Me

This past Halloween was a blast! Even though I'm a super creative individual, I'm always terrible at coming up with costumes. This year, my mom came up with my costume. I was... Octomom! There aren't a ton of pictures because I only brought my phone and apparently the guy who took the picture didn't have steady hands... but you get the idea on my costume. It was a success! And the best part was, I kept losing babies all night and people were yelling at me for being a bad parent, ha ha!
I also made sure to take Veronica's advice and drink my pink champagne from them. I brought it to the party so others could enjoy the wonders that is pink and bubbly. Also, I might have some more interesting job hunt news in a few days so be sure to stay tuned.

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Veronica said...

It's just all fun, fun, fun with you KK!!

Great to speak to you last week - we left it too long.......speak soon........Vx