Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Beginnings

Okay, so I said I might have exciting job news on my last post and well, it's actually a little different than expected. I got offered a job with an interesting non-profit, not perfect for me, but interesting. Unfortunately, the salary wasn't what I expected at all. So I actually had to turn it down. It was only a 7 month contract position. It was supposed to be 9 months but they took so long with the interview process that it was down to 7. I thought about it for almost a whole week, weighed my options and thought about my work-life balance that I'm working to find and well and I just couldn't see myself working for an entry-level salary to work 40+ hours a week. It sucks, but that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

The positive thing about this opportunity is that I actually ended up upping my freelance hours to closer to full-time because I told them about my offer. I'm still getting myself situated there, and still trying to prove myself a bit but it seems to be a positive experience. It's actually really close to where I live so I usually work from their office too. I hate working from home, so I'm glad that was an option for me. We're getting a process in place for everything and I think soon some good things will come from it. Plus, people often bring their dogs into the office and you know how much I love dogs! :)

This is about the time that I started improv last year because I felt I was sorta missing out on stuff and looking for new opportunities. Well I'm done with improv and now trying to come up with my next project. I've been getting inspired by reading Kathy Griffin's book which sounds similar to me... I'm a dork, I know. But the thing is, she did improv for years and kinda sucked at it. Her teachers kept telling her to stop being Kathy and try character work and be someone else, and she didn't want to, she wanted to be herself -- just like me. So I'm thinking of trying stand up. It's always been on my to-do list, but I've always been a bit scared of it and the process of writing down "material." I mean so many people have told me to write a book of all the insane things that happen to me-- aside from cancer that is-- there are enough cancer books out there. And of course, people still stumble upon Chemopalooza and find some solace in it as well.

I'm also starting to look for a new place to live which is kinda scary. I've lived here for 3 years and I do love my apartment, but I think it's a bit expensive and it would be nice to save some money or spend it on traveling or something cool instead. Or purchase a male escort to take me on dates -- I kid, I kid. I'm hoping to find a place closer to Boston too. Nicole is going to be my roommate too, so that'll make things cheaper and more entertaining as well.

My parents are selling their house and planning to move to Block Island which is pretty crazy too. They put it on the market a few weeks ago and I've gone back and forth a couple of times and helped to de-clutter my room there. My mom is retired now too, which is so weird. She's worked basically my entire life. Hopefully she'll actually come and visit me now that she has free time -- hint hint.

My dad has knee surgery on Tuesday so think happy thoughts for him. It should be an easy breezy surgery, so I don't expect anything crazy to go down.

That's my latest and greatest, folks. I think my mono is mostly subsided at this point. I've been run down a bit but I really think it's just my new routine of working and sleeping much less.

Mmkay that's all I've got for now. I still haven't set up my RSS feeds on my new computer so I'm sure I've slacked on reading what's going on with all of my cancer peeps. I hope you're all swell and doing fabulous.



Nic N said...

Wow--lots of change. Sometimes, though, change is good.

Stand-up!! That sounds very stimulating...not so much on the writing part, but at least you would get to be creative about it.

laulausmamma said...

Hi Kelly - glad you've got some work going for you. Looking forward to hearing about a move to new digs for you. Love the idea about the "stand up"...good for you for pursuing another avenue for your talents ; )

All's well here...Lauren is busy with school/work/stage managing MASH/and her new guy. Did you see Katie's wedding pics on FB? We're looking forward to having some friends here to share Turkey Day with us...and then in mid=Dec doing a wine tasting tour with 2 other couples in Northern Calif for R's special b'day. Lot's to be happy for and look forward to...thankfully.