Friday, November 20, 2009

More Desirable When Taken

It's been a long week, I've been keeping super busy and worked almost 40 hours this week. I even got them some media coverage this week, so at least I'm starting to prove myself a bit, thank goodness. Today I even got a phone line set up, so I'm setting some roots for myself there a bit.

I really think that once you have something, somehow, people know and want you. It goes with dating too, when your single, no one looks at you; when you're not people come out of the wood work. Well I'm finally situated at my freelance gig, and the other day my cell phone rang. It was a local hospital looking to interview me for a job! Of course, I'm going in because I've got to see what it's all about. They said they received 212 resumes and narrowed it down to 8 people and I was one of them. How interesting. I'll know more next week about the job, but it's always good to have options. Now if only I can convince every single man I meet that I'm in a relationship to make myself more desirable :)

I'm trying to be more of an optimist than I already am. I know, it's hard to do since I am often optimistic. But sometimes I don't go to parties and stuff if I think I won't know anyone since I usually fly solo. Well I've been accepting invites lately, and having a blast. I went to a party a few weeks ago and only knew 2 people, and I had a blast. I was the life of the party... take that, single men! I even got hit on by an unattractive man, but hey, keep the compliments coming!



Nic N said...

You crack me up. Leave it to you to take an advance from an unattractive man as a compliment! Way to look on the bright side.

Yay for interviews...I hope you get the info you seek and that it goes well. The pressure is off now (sort of, anyway) so now you can let the relaxed you shine through--the one that is not critically nervous about trying to land the gig.

Anonymous said...

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Jolene said...

That's awesome Kel! It's so true too - about being more "desirable" for a job/date/etc when you have one of those things already. Good luck with the interview and keep being that social butterfly that you are!!