Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Humble Me

It was three years ago tomorrow that I was being sliced open to find out that I had Hodgkin's. What a crazy couple of weeks it was leading up to my surgery and then my diagnosis. Nothing stops you fast in your tracks like a cancer scare.

Cancer has changed my life. Period. Not to say that I wasn't a humble and giving person before, because, let's face it, I was. But it has changed some of my perspectives. I'm alive now, and really that's what matters to me. I try to live in the moment and relish the good times and try to get through the bad ones knowing they too, shall pass.

Also, my perspective on holidays has also changed. I really was never a huge person on receiving gifts during the holidays -- and I'm still that way (it's the thought and effort that counts), but I try to put in more effort to support those more needy than me. I even made my Halloween costume give back to the needy -- those 8 babies are going to make some kids very happy!

Anywho, as I remember this time that was so critical in my life 3 years ago, I just want to remind you all of what is important in life. The good stuff! Not dwelling on the bad all the time! And of course, surrounding yourself with those that make you happy and a better person.

Happy Holidays and XO


laulausmamma said...

Hi Kelly - hard to believe it's been three years since hearing those dreaded words from your doctor isn't it! I still remember first meeting you on the HL forum and seeing pics of your Chemopalooza party and all your wig-wearing friends.

Wishing you a very happy holiday with family and friends (tell Annie HI from me)...and wishing you lots more good things in life during 2010.

((HUGS)) my friend,

jolene1079 said...

AMEN SISTA!!! Well put, and I'm so glad you are well recovered...and being humble is a good thing IMHO :)

Heather said...

great post and so true! obviously cancer changes everyone it afflicts...but i too have become more humble, more giving. i wasn't a jerk before but i sure am a better person now. and i'm happy for that.

Kalanchoe542 said...

I didn't have Hodgkins, I had endometrial cancer, but I just had my one year checkup and was clean. It makes the pain of surgery and the ugly side effects of radiation worth it to know I'm going to be around for my grandson, who is due to be born in a few days. This is a great blog for celebrating life, and the only part of it that knocks me on my butt is your age. No one should get cancer, but young ones facing their mortality just seems so wrong. I applaud your strength and your sense of life! Now please say a prayer for my daughter's 24 year old sister-in-law who is undergoing a clinical trial for stage three ovarian cancer. She's got a long road ahead of her, I hope.