Monday, January 18, 2010

TV's Dexter Has The Hodge

Michael C. Hall, otherwise known as Dexter, has recently announced that he is battling the dreaded Hodge. He accepted his Golden Globe last night making his first appearance since announcing his diagnosis. He's looking pretty similar to how I looked 3 summers ago. I always loved him on Six Feet Under and I hope he makes the Hodge his bitch.

In other news, my pal Bekah, who did her first round of treatment the same time I did, is continuing to battle Hodgkin's. Her latest treatment of the clinical trial SAHA is kicking her butt and making her incredibly sick. She recently decided to stop the trial and try and get a better quality of life. Unfortunately, she's still battling nausea, weight loss, vomiting, and fevers while being admitted in the hospital. Please think happy thoughts that she starts feeling better soon.



Wullie said...

Weekend of the 12th or 19th Feb if you would care to read your txt messages?
I have the peeps in Huntsville working out the best way to get up north.

Duane said...

Thinking about Bekah too!

Hope you're doing well, Kelly.

Veronica said...

Hey Miss Humble-Husband-Snatcher!! Have had a Blog Break but am back to stalking duties!! Good call on B....that girl needs a break - stupid f'n cancer :0(