Monday, April 23, 2007

Get Your Chemopalooza Hats!

How exciting!! My UK friends Chris and Vicky want to get hats like my hat that my dad made. How hilllarious! Chemopalooza will become famous all over the world - well or to 3 people :) Just wanted to share that people like Dad's idea!

I'm still feeling pretty good today. I was super hot here today though - like 85 - it was a bit much! I went shopping with my mom (got some more zippys and jeans!) and I was sweating my ass off. I threw on a nice cool headband and some shorts when I got home. I've got such a busy week ahead of me. And I think I figured out what to do for Pat's birthday - hooray!



Anonymous said...

Kelly can you tell me where i can get a chemo is my bitch shirt. i have stage 2A lymphoma and have been lurking for a while now e-mail me at can't pass the shirt up...tooo cute!!! Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Just to say Hi, enjoy your lovely weather, not hot here yet but looking forward to some sun in the next couple of months.

When we get the hat we will get a photo taken at a landmark for you to post on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Megan. I have HL too and I have to say I love your blog. I just ran across it randomly today and I keep reading all of your posts going, "ME TOO! I TOTALLY HEAR YOU!" haha. I'm glad you're posting.