Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Best Story EVA!

So tonight I went to a Look Good Feel Better event with Mandy - what can I say, I'm a sucker for free stuff! So anywho, we were late because we ordered a pizza and it took forever - like 40 minutes longer than it was supposed we were those jerks that walked in late in the middle of the makeup bonanza. Anywho, at the end of it I was talking to the woman next to me who was telling me that she was about to start chemo for breast cancer starting next week. So me being the helpful cancer patient that I am, I start giving her advice and say, "My number 1 suggestion is to start a blog, it's a great way to update everyone without having to send emails or make phone calls..." So then she says - "Oh, I found a blog once when I was doing some searches...Hmm I think I found it on a breast cancer site or something - this girl was so inspiring, she threw a party for herself and she had red hair and lived in Burlington..." NO JOKE! Yep, that was ME she was talking about!!! I'm officially a famous cancer fighter!! I couldn't believe it, me and Mandy just kept looking at each other like "Oh my god, it's going to be me" and the woman (Elizabeth) totally go a kick out of it. So Elizabeth if you're reading this, I hope you make cancer your bitch like I did :)

Here's some pictures of me and Mandy being glamorous with my random makeup...

Oh and here's one of Pat snuggling on my couch and looking like the gay boyfriend that he is - Lynda this picture is for you :)

So yeah, the past few days have been good. I've been feeling good and hoooray the AC is on at my apartment! I hung out with Pat last night, went in to visit work today and out to lunch with Lynda, got to see the BFFi, went and did a little shopping today - well more like browsing, but I did buy the shirt I am wearing in the pictures, and of course I hung out with Mandy tonight. I've been busy, I just am clinging for a few more days of freedom. Even though I'm excited for chemo tomorrow, because soon there will be 1 left, but it's always a little depressing the know that I'm going to be so tired next week and feel kinda crappy. Eh, whatevs, like I said, only 2 left! I'm bringing in my camera tomorrow, so I'll post pictures.


Veronica said...

Thinking of you today as you go for your almost-LAST chemo!!!!

judy tierney said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm writing this on May 31, so I'm saying--only one to go!

Keep up the blog---see you soon