Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Lucky $5 Bill

Hi everyone!! Thanks for all of the fun comments! I would like to mention to my PR friends that I got my first PR pitch today!! My blog is officially on a press list, how hilllarious. AND it was a pitch from the Discovery Channel - so ya know, not some random crappy company. The pitch was asking me to tell people about a documentary called "Living With Cancer" with Ted Koppel and Leroy Sievers from NPR (he has the My Cancer blog listed on my blogroll) that will be running on Sunday, May 6th at 8PM ET. So I've done my good PR deed, and I will be watching this if I remember to do so. I must say it was a good PR pitch, well written and all that jazz, but I was a little disappointed that it was a blast and wasn't tailored to me, it kinda makes me think now being a pitched official "blogger." And I really only say this because, as you all know, I just posted such exciting news on my blog, and if I were a PR person pitching my blog, and wanted to get someone to write for me, I would at least congratulate me for not having cancer anymore. What is it they say - you get more flies with honey...? Whatevs, just my PR 2 cents, I'm trying to warm up my PR brain again these days so I don't lose my pitching mojo :) Anywho, I'm done ranting, so watch the documentary, should be a good time. Here's some additional info from the pitch in case you need more info:

In an effort to foster a more open dialogue about cancer, Living With Cancer highlights a series of frank conversations between Ted Koppel, the host of the program, and Lance Armstrong, Elizabeth Edwards, as well as Leroy Sievers, a longtime friend and a colleague of Koppel’s. Living with terminal cancer, Sievers contributes regularly on NPR and posts daily about his experience on his blog, “My Cancer.” The documentary includes excerpts from the blog, as well as conversations with Sievers’ doctors and other patients who are treated with him.
Anyways, last night was fun. Me and Pat opened my cheap champagne before dinner, had a little glass, but it was still warm (duh, they don't chill the cheap stuff at the liquor store) so we went out to dinner, THEN I thought I was the luckiest person ever because I found a $5 bill on the ground, so then we went to go buy me a lottery ticket - and Pat convinced me that I would have better luck with one $5 ticket than five $1 tickets - so of course I listened, and well I don't have my "lucky" $5 anymore AND I didn't win anything - I was sooooo disappointed! What a scam. We then went back to the apartment and had some more champagne, the best part is that we drank it out of martini glasses - HELLO it's just classier that way! Duh. And I just love excuses to make Pat look gay :) Then I complained about my loss of my lucky $5 bill, and the best part is, I woke up the today with a note from Pat and a $5 bill "so that I never have to hear about this again" ha ha ha!! Hooray! But, duh, it's not a lucky $5 bill, so it's not as exciting! I never play the lottery and I should learn, but I thought if any day I was going to win, it was yesterday! Oh well, I still don't have cancer bitches!! :)

Today was a good day. I was in such a good mood and it was super nice out. I was outside for literally 5 minutes today and I swear I burned my scalp, yep it's getting to be time to start putting sunblock on my head - sad lamb! Or I'll be rocking the chemopalooza hat more often - it takes time to get used to wearing a hat though, I'm not there yet. OOoooo another good thing about yesterday, I got my disability check finally! They're soooo slow sending my checks and this time I got a month's worth instead of 2 weeks, so hoooray, I'm totally not poor anymore! The rent check is in the mail and all is well! What a relief. My parents rock though, they were gonna give me the money if the check didn't come in, thank goodness for them being around to take care of cancer Kelly --- well I guess "non-cancer Kelly" is more like it :)

My blog has been getting tons of hits lately - more than 2x the normal amount, and okay tons of hits to me is like 50 in one day - but hey, I'll totally take it, because half the people are random people getting on it because of Google-ing cancer terms, and I love new people finding my blog! So everyone keep those comments coming, they entertain me lots. I'm going to enjoy feeling good for a few more days before chemo. I should bring cake and party hats or something to chemo to celebrate :) Oh speaking of hats, so remember I mentioned my UK friends, Chris and Vicky, and how they wanted chemopalooza hats - they're totally planning on taking pictures with the hats at random far away places like the Eiffel Tower - HOW HILLARIOUSLY AWESOME IS THAT??!?! We so heart them, make sure you check out Chris' blog too and leave him some love :) He and Vicky really keep me motivated to kick cancer's ass with all of their encouraging comments and emails, so kudos to them!

Oh yeah, one more thing, hooray I got pretty flowers today from Meg! Thanks Sissy!!

Okay, hooray again one more time (let's face it, I'll say it again) for no more cancer! I'll write again soon, XO!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly ... here's some advice from a fair haired red head: get mousse (or gel, or hairspray) with SPF in it. Yup, they make and you'll never forget to put it on.