Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Haircut Day

Today was haircut day, my first haircut since February. I felt bad for the hairdresser cutting it, she was pretty freaked out by the amount falling out. We just cleaned it up, but it's shorter, and it looks a little more like a boy haircut now, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Right now, I can't stop sweating, so I don't know how great a picture will be, but here's one anyways. I have decadron face - all puffy and red, so glamorous!!

I'm starting to feel the achys, well actually, they came a day early - started last night. Nothing super terrible though. I'm feeling my heartburn creeping back in too, another thing that I can't wait to be over :) This is the second to last crappy Tuesday! Hooray!

Honestly, that's about it. Nothing super exciting these past few days, and I plan on hiding out in bed for a few more :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, you look lovely, you still have a great head of hair!


Hope the next few days pass without too many aches and pains, so nearly there!

Veronica said...

I'm impressed - your hair looks fantastic and the photo doesn't show your decadron face at all. I remember Wullie's beetroot impersonations on decadron!!!

Go - enjoy some more post-chemo 'relaxation' :)

Will be in touch when we get back from our wee trip away - please don't do too much exciting - I hate to feel I'm missing out (aaaagh, no blogs/forums - SCARY!!!)...............x

judy tierney said...

The haircut really does look nice. And, you know,it's cut better than anything they can do at Fantastic Sam's in Wakefield with a regular full head of hair!

We put Kevin and Christine on the airplane to Germany yesterday. It took them the same amount of time to get to her family's house as it did to get back to Block Island from Logan Airport, as we had to stay overnight.
Keep hangin in there...