Saturday, June 2, 2007

Relay For Life

So last night was the Relay For Life in Springfield, MA. It was short notice, but I was the team captain for the Springfield Firefighters. I didn't have to do much, thank goodness, since it was about 85 out and I had chemo the day before. I walked a few laps, got a purple tshirt and kinda hung out for a few hours. Here's some pictures of all the firefighters that showed up while I was there, I'm not in any of the pictures because I was taking them - Whoops :)

My dad is the one in the red shirt. There were more firefighters walking around, but here's a bunch of them. Some grilling going on...

So far I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm a little tired, but not terrible. And hooray, I officially have 1 chemo left, I can't wait!! Oh and even more exciting news, I get my port taken out the day after my last chemo!!!! Isn't that the best news eva!?! We're not going to wait around for anything, hooray!

Oh and Veronica, to answer your question, my mom made the cupcakes :)

That's all for now! XO


Chris said...

Hi Kelly
Only 1 to go, I bet you can't wait.
You look good on the pictures, escpecially a day after chemo. Keep your pecker up


Veronica said...

Good old mom!! :)

It's great you got to take part in the Relay for Life. Soooo jealous of your temperatures in MA - we're struggling to hit 60 just now :(

Keep the photos coming - hooray for digital cameras!!!.............x

Anonymous said...

Yipeee! One to go, roll on.......

Your photos are great, you look fantastic, oh and so do the firemen!!! (I love them).


Wullie said...

Just making sure you're doing ok after the last chemo.
Bet you're counting the days to the next one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos, what a beautiful place.

Hope you are ok today, thinking of you x