Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pickle Fingers Are Crossed - PET On Friday

I'm starting early this round, asking for happy thoughts as I have my PET scan scheduled for this Friday. It will be one month since my bad news about my chest spot, so let's cross those fingers and hope for good news! I'm pretty sure my appointment is on Monday to find out my results and I'll be sure to post an update as soon as I know. Oh and I'll be sure to not go by myself this time!! I'm pretty sure my parents are coming, but if you want to come and tell me jokes, lemme know.


PS I wonder if my hands and legs light up on the PET since they're all yucky!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, will be thinking of you Friday and will keep everything crossed for you. Hope it all goes well. Positive Thoughts!


Anonymous said...

God luck with the scans! I just had mine today. Hmm hopefully your pickle fingers won't light up! Fingers crossed

Cindy said...

Kelly, Good Luck on your scan, and as far as your birthday, I think YOU should come to San Fransisco to CELEBRATE with Jane!!! Wouldn't that be cool? Take care of yourself, and we will be thinking good thoughts. Cindy

Unknown said...

Hey Kelly,
I just read my mom's comment. I wish you could, that would be great. We could celebrate our birthday together!! I will be thinking good positive thought. I'm sure the inflamation is down and you will have a clean scan. How is the foam working out? Any better than the cream?
Hope all is well.
Take care,

Veronica said...

Our thoughts are with you for tomorrow - the PET scanner better behave or else it'll have one heck of a cheerleading-army to face!!

Stay strong...........xx

Chris said...

Hope all goes well on Friday and you have a relxed weekend. I am sure all will be OK.