Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things That Don't Make Me Feel Better Lately

  • Retail therapy - I tried it yesterday and it worked a little but when I tried again tonight I just wanted to burst out in tears at the mall. I thought maybe I could buy myself something cute to make myself feel better - and maybe look better, but guess what? Nothing fit or they didn't have it in my size! I hate it, I just wanted to go start throwing up and never eat again :(
  • Eating junk food - it just reminds me that my clothes don't fit and then I feel like crap.
  • Napping - it only passes time, but then I wake up and I'm still cranky and then feel like I need to do something, but I have nothing to do.
  • Talking to people - it just makes me cry and feel like I'm supposed to be in a good mood since I'm always pretty tough, but I'm just a mess lately. It's tough when people don't get it, and then I have to explain stuff again and again. And it just makes me more depressed when I have to tell them that there is another spot and that there isn't anything we can do yet - just do more waiting! I hate waiting. I hate not having answers or master plans or being organized!

If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know.



Sanbandit said...

But a big giant 42 inch flat screen tv and a Wii!! That would be some real retail therapy yeah?!
Sorry thats my one idea for the day.
Hope for brighter days ahead little sad lamb

Veronica said...

Hey Kel - hope speaking to us last night, didn't bring you down?! I think you're doing amazingly.......but if the having nothing to do is really getting you down get organising a get-together with friends to do something different - something none of you have tried before.......or-else take a course on something you'd never have EVER thought of doing......OR BUY A Wii!!!!!

Chin up gal.....things WILL get better.........xx

Unknown said...

I thought I was just reading about myself. I have had such a shitty weekend. I try napping so I don't have to think about it but you're right when I wake up the problems are still there. We'll get through this.
Take care,
Your birthday sister!