Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Sparkle!

Today is my birthday, I'm officially 25, holy shit!

Here's my story from last night....

Lynda and Julia planned to have a few work friends come meet us at a piano bar in Boston called Jake Ivory's. The master plan was for everyone to meet at Julia's since she lives the closest to the city, then we were all going to take a bus there so no one would have to drive. So I get there at 8:30 and we were waiting for Lynda and Jordan to come there, we waited for HOURS! We kept calling and no one would call us back, ugh! Then we finally got ahold of them around 10:30, and they were on their way to the bar!!!! Jeff and Mandy got to the bar around then as well, so pretty much everyone was celebrating my birthday for 2 hours WITHOUT me! By the time we waited for another girl, had a drink with her and sucked more time out of the night only to find out she changed her mind last minute and decided to not come, it was about 11:15, and we still had to either get a cab or catch the next bus! **FYI the bar closes at 1:30!** We finally caught the bus, but didn't end up getting to the bar until 12, so it was officially my birthday when I got there. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty much about to burst into tears by the time I got there, I vented to Mandy and Jeff and felt a little better, and sucked it up and got myself on a mission to having fun.

So anyways, back to fun. This guy Cody that started working at my work while I was out, I only met him briefly a few times, well he was soooo nice! Lynda told him that we were planning on going to this bar, and he said that he used to work there and his roommate is the manager there...SOOO they got us some VIP treatment! They reserved a table for us, took us in the back door, got us some free shots, and then escorted us to our table! Cody even met us before the bar closed. We also got to stay for a few hours after the bar closed, and they gave us free drinks! I was so shocked how someone who hardly knows me did all of that for me, and yet a lot of my actual friends didn't even make an effort to celebrate with me. Also, before we left he showed me a tattoo on his back that was the breast cancer ribbon with his mom's name who is done with cancer, it made me think there really are such caring people out there!

The piano people sang happy birthday to me too! And I even got hit on by some guys from Indiana that were on vacation, yay for self esteem! About an hour after they announced it was "Kelly Kane's 25th Birthday" over the microphone's, they said happy birthday to Sparkle, and one of the Indiana guys came running to me and screamed, "Sparkle, it's your birthday!!!!" It was really funny! Oh and I wore a tank top and told everyone that I met that my scars on my chest were from fights, HA!

I'm now on my way to the shower and then am going to drive to my parents house for dinner or something.

Oh and I'm pretty sure I haven't written about my spa day yet - it was fabulous! I thank you again Wullie and Veronica, and I thank you Sandy for the nice card!

As for a mini cancer update, I've got my CT scan scheduled for Wednesday and my appointment with the surgeon on Thursday to discuss if we can even get at those pesky nodes! Oh and my skin is being super itchy again, WTF!

Anyways, I gotta go shower, oh and I'm exhausted!



Chris said...

Happy Birthday Kelly.
We hope you have a great day, you desearve it.
Card in the post, hope you get it soon
Chris and Vic XX

Sanbandit said...

Hey! I glad in the end it all worked out and you had a blast!!!
Happy Birthday!!! May the next quarter of a century (heehee) be filled with good health happiness, love and joy!!

Unknown said...


We really need to get together sometime. I was hoping to see earlier this summer when Roland was up, but I understand how life gets a little crazy. Next time you are planning on going to Noho drop me a line, I promise I won't talk about cancer!