Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shitty Day

This morning I went to Dana Farber to talk with my hodge guru/second opinion onc about my scans from earlier this month and he was concerned. He wants to move forward with the biopsy of one of the nodes in my chest. He said usually people who light up with post chemo PETs are either better or have shown improvement by the next month -- but not me, I went from 1 spot to 2! :( He even brought up the possibility of a SCT (stem cell transplant) !! Then after me and my parents left the hospital my mom picked a fight with me and we're not talking now! It's been such a shitty day, I'm going to take some Ativan and take a nap. Just thought I would share the latest news.


Veronica said...

You're in my thoughts, missy - there's a whole Scottish family just rooting for you over here - don't let this ruin your pampering day on Friday (or if you feel the timing's bad, maybe re-schedule?)


Sanbandit said...

Sorry you had a crappy day. keepin ya in my thoughts and prayers!

judy tierney said...

Oh Kelly,

That's the pits. But, a biopsy could still be negative....

Big hugs from everyone here..