Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm So Fall!

Hi peoples... I've been keeping busy, hence the no posts.. let's see -- Sunday I vegged around for most of the day, watched some Desperate Housewives (Lynette's still fighting the hodge and ate pot brownies -- where the hell were mine, people!!?), then on Monday I slept nice and late and then hung out with my friend Christina who was in town -- she brought me flowers too!! Then we went out to dinner and then hung out at my apartment. I even went to bed without taking any pills!!! I'm going to try and not take them again tonight, so that should be interesting!! Then today, I went and got my hair colored, I went a little darker to hide my chemo yuckies! So far, it looks really good. It makes my hair look thicker and healthier. I'm going to wait until I can wash it to do the official judging, so stay tuned. According to me earlier today, I look very Fall, ha ha! Anywho, then after all of the hair bonanza, I tooled around for a little while and then met my friend Nicole for dinner and got to see her new apartment, meaning ummm, she moved in April and lives like 5 miles away and I haven't seen it... damn cancer. So now I'm beat. I'm doing some laundry right now and being exhausted. I'm heading to Longmeadow on Thursday morning or Wednesday night so we can go to lunch with some family folks, then I'll be back by Friday until at least next Thursday when I have my onc appointment. So yeah, I'm keeping really busy.

That's all for now. PS I heart Fall. I'm going to take a picture from my living room tomorrow so you can see my lovely Fall view :)

Hope this finds you all well!



Anonymous said...

Love the music! And the fall pic. Glad we had a chance to connect. Just wanted to say 'hi!' again and show off my technical prowess now that I figured out how to send a comment. XO Mamma Lee

Anonymous said...

I think you should post a pic of your new darker hair, Kel!

I wanna see!

Veronica said...

Hi Kel - good talking to you tonight - you always cheer me up - you're daft as a brush and make me feel 25 again!!!!
I really thought that Fall picture (Fall = Autumn in Scotland, doncha know!!) was your view from your window and got REALLY excited, then realised it wasn't - boo!!! Can't wait to see the real view!! Oh, and your fabulous hair - take care, stay busy and hope you get to meet up with Bekah and Michelle this w/end.........xx

BaldyLocks said...

I'm imagining the flowing hair...