Wednesday, May 28, 2008

People Are Nuts!!!!

So today, I had dinner plans after work to meet up with my friend Christina.. so I'm driving on the lovely highway am about to get off at my exit, and then this CRAZY guy behind me was full of all sorts of road rage! He was honking his horn, tailing me, revving his engine, it was insane. THEN to top it off, he decided it would be awesome to hit my car with his snazzy Audi and then drive away! Luckily there was no damage (that I've found yet at least) but it was nuts that someone would do that. Thankfully everyone in the world isn't crazy and mean - the guy that was behind the road-rager actually wrote down his license plate number and pulled over with me and waited for the police to arrive. He actually thought I was towing his car that's how far up my ass the guy was... ahhh lovely Massachusetts drivers :) Anywho, the cop was headed to the guys house to ask him what the hell he was thinking, hopefully he'll get a ticket or something and of course, some bad karma!

Just thought I would share my lovely evening.


Veronica said...

Wow - hopefully we don't meet HIM on our trip to Boston :0p

Just glad you're OK - could have been a lot worse :0(


Unknown said...

Mass drivers are jerks!

I hope that you are enjoying this lovely weather.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh!! That guy is just crazy!