Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cross Everything

I have another interesting interview tomorrow that's actually cancer-related! Please cross everything for me that I like them and they like me! I'll share more once I know more!



Veronica said...

Absolutely everything crossed......Vx

Heather said...

i'm a bit late. hope it went well and crossing everything that you get the job! how awesome it would be to have a job where you can be a real advocate...someone who has been there. i think that makes all the difference in the world! good luck!

Lauren said...

i hope your interview went well! i read the newsweek article, and it was fantastic! i've been blogging about my hodgkin's since june... i was diagnosed in late may. i was thrilled when the newsweek article came out, and so happy to find all of these blogs talking about cancer in a humorous light. woohoo!